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Did Jesus visit Cornwall? – New Book

joeyincornwall‘Did Jesus visit Cornwall during the period of his life not covered by the gospels? We have legends that tell us that he did.’ is the opening synopsis for a new novel of fiction by local author and vicar, Jean Rolt.

Under the title ‘Joey’, this story is about what might have happened during the period of Jesus’s life not covered by the gospels. In the book, ‘Joey’ spends a winter in a secluded creek, collecting tin to take home to the Holy Land. Joey has a dog and a coracle and visits many small villages. It is a work of the imagination but, the synopsis claims, it is possible.

jeanrolltJean told Roseland Online, “Joey is actually Jesus, and I’ve spun the story around all the legends in these parts. I have given several talks about Jesus coming to Cornwall. It gets everyones interest, but it cant be either proved or disproved! This suggested several stories which I’ve knitted into one long one… fascinating stuff, for me at any rate!”

jean’s book will be reviewed by our own book critic, Sallie Eden next month but you can download your own copy direct onto your eBook reader (not available as hard copy as yet) by following this link: http://ow.ly/qR7sn

Jean is also the author of ‘My Journey’, the story of her journey in faith leading to her becoming an Anglican priest. Also available here: http://ow.ly/qR8aI

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