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Dirty Little Secret by Jon Stock

In this, the third book in the Trilogy featuring MI6 agent Daniel Marchant and terrorist Salim Dhar, the action takes place in Afghanistan, Morocco, France and, less predictably, in rural England.

It is a story of relationships (and special relationships) – MI5, MI6, the CIA and GCHQ officials, politicians, those who are loyal and those who are not. It is also a story about trust or the lack of it and about the strength of family ties.

Dhar has arrived on British soil. Russia has a high level mole in MI6. Marchant may or may not be able to do a deal with Dhar and so prevent further terrorism in the UK. He may also be the only one who can bring the mole to justice. But those in charge don’t trust him and he can rely on only a few close friends… or can he?

Action packed, well researched and redolent of Ian Fleming’s James Bond books, but better written and without the implausible gadgets and machine guns concealed in car headlights.

Verdict: You’ll need to read the first two books (‘Dead Spy Running’ and ‘Games Traitors Play’) to get the best out of this one – no hardship I promise you – and you’ll need to concentrate hard to keep up with the fast paced plot but it’s worth it. I can’t wait for the film. *****

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