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DVD Review – January 2014 – Mark David Hatwood

The Way, Way Back, Starring Liam James, Steve Carell, Toni Collette and Allison Janney directed by Jim Rash.

thwaywaybackThis wonderful coming-of-age story follows 14-year-old Duncan’s summer vacation with his mother, Pam, her overbearing boyfriend, Trent, and his daughter, Steph. Having a rough time fitting in, the introverted Duncan finds an unexpected friend in Owen, the gregarious manager of the Water Wizz Water Park (the brilliant Sam Rockwell).

Through his funny, clandestine friendship with Owen, Duncan slowly opens up to and begins to finally find his place in the world – all during a summer he will never forget.

This film delivered on so many levels. It’s a great coming-of-age story, a brilliant drama about adult relationships and their sad interactions and some superb acting. Funny, moving and warm, this is a must-see movie to kick off your 2014.

Verdict: Funny, touching and irresistibly charming, a coming-of-age dramedy that gets the pains and joys and awkwardness of adolescence (and adulthood) spot on. ****

This film will be shown at the Harbour Club, Portscatho on Monday 6th January.

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