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DVD Review – July 2018 – Mark David Hatwood

Lady Bird – Starring Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf & Tracy Letts, Written & Directed by Greta Gerwig

Marion McPherson (Metcalf) a nurse, works tirelessly to keep her family afloat after her husband loses his job. She also maintains a turbulent bond with a teenage daughter (Ronan) who is just like her: loving, strong-willed and deeply opinionated.

This is a coming-of-age film that’s so very understated, it’s hard to overstate how brilliant it is. Actress/writer/director Greta Gerwig has written and directed a phenomenal movie with humour, love, anger, prejudice and sorrow oozing from its every frame.

I’m not going to dribble on about it more than that. See This Film! Cheers and gone!

Verdict: Filmmaking at its best and one I hope will become a classic *****

This film will e shown at The Harbour Club in Portscatho on Monday 9th July.

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