Local News 2012

Eased Pressure Allows SCC Immigrants

19.07.12: Local pressure has eased to allow a family of south European immigrants to reside in South Central Cornwall. Mr Sunny and his wife, Mainly Sunny along with their two children, Sunny Spells & Sunny periods have been allowed to stay here in the area now having not had sufficient paperwork to be allowed into the country till now. Their welcome has been surprisingly upbeat.

Second Home Owner, Chris Innit, told Roseland Online, “Although I’m normally completely against immigration as a rule, I have seen this family and do add a certain smile to one’s demeanor. A refreshing change to the lot we had here for the last few months.”

Mr Innit is of course referring to the rather unwelcome Rainy family, who have now been pushed up north by jet stream. Although they have been asked to leave now for weeks, allowing the Sunnies to take up residency in South Central Cornwall, they have been reluctant to vacate the premises, bringing misery and indignation to many in the area.

A SCC local added, “…a thoroughly despicable lot. We have to put up with northerners like that during the winter, but they have no right to take up residence during the summer months, especially when the Sunnies visit has been so overdue.”

Despite their impetuous son, Light Showers, escaping this morning and putting a dampener on proceedings in Portscatho, the Rainy family are now well on their way up country and, for the time being at least, have left the area. We will keep you updated as to their impending return as the season progresses. But for now, why not pop down to the beaches and welcome the Sunnies yourself? They’re an altogether friendly family; but beware, if left unprotected, they can become prickly by the end of the day.

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