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EV Charger Initiative Launched

Roseland Online is shocked to find out the Roseland Peninsula has no commercial EV car charging units at all. If we are to support and encourage the use of these less polluting vehicles on our beautiful peninsula, we need to provide a way for EV drivers to charge their vehicles whilst here.

To this end, we are proposing to set up a network of home chargers for them to use.

So, if you have an EV charging unit at home, how would you like to earn £15 (less £1 PayPal fees) whilst helping welcoming fellow EV drivers visiting us this summer? Roseland Online will do all the work for you through our fab new business website: www.roselandonline.com

We have created this page to explain how this will work and answer some FAQs. Once read, all you need do is register your interest in helping out by emailing mark@roselandonline.co.uk and we’ll do the rest. If enough locations come forward, Roseland Online will even sponsor some leaflets (like these here) to be distributed around the Roseland to promote the initiative visiting EV drivers.

We hope you’ll want to be part of this innovative new scheme this summer and, for the future, Roseland Online is also looking into helping fund a commercial EV charger here. So if you would like to help towards that with a donation or pledge of help and/or location, please contact me and we can work together to make the Roseland a viable destination for the multitude of electric car drivers in the future.

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