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Feast Cornwall – Artists Helping The Community During COVID-19

FEAST harnesses the many talents and energies of Cornwall’s artists and communities to create inspiring opportunities for people to come together and enjoy high-quality arts as participants and audiences.

Bringing artists together with community volunteers to launch or invigorate local festivals and events. They also work with partner organisations to offer new creative ways of tackling some of the social, economic or environmental issues facing Cornwall.

In addition, they are announcing a new FEAST RE-IGNITION FUND to try and support and mobilise Cornwall’s creative sector in this crisis. To help artists bring their creative skills to offsetting some of the worst social effects of the current health pandemic.

They are inviting ideas from artists about how people isolated at home could be engaged and connected with – so they do still feel part of a community and can exercise their own imaginations and skills – maybe in producing something that also gets seen or heard by others.  Ideas which reach older people confined under the 3-month curfew, children and parents now at home, activities that can lift the spirits of your community generally – all required!

They do not have the answers, but know the people who do!

Initially, they are offering grants of up to £1,000. This can cover the costs of your time, materials etc. You are not required to find match funding.

Take a look at Feast’s website!

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