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Gerrans Cricket Club Vandalism Notice

Roseland Online has been made aware of some minor vandalism to the Gerrans Cricket club pavilion. Apart from being time consuming to clean up, a small fire was started on the veranda, which is exceptionally dangerous, given the proximity of neighbouring houses and the safety of this historic wooden building itself. In addition to this, wine bottles have been left about the field which, if broken, could have serious consequences for the children and adults playing there.

Lastly, there has been quite a lot of dog faeces left by owners. Can those be reminded that this is a health hazard, too, and dog bins have been provided so the club respectfully ask people clean up after their dogs.

Can residents please keep a careful watch out for any further misdemeanours and report it to the Parish council. Also we’d be grateful for resident to share this post so the culprits are warned they are being watched.

Thank you.

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