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Gerrans Meals of Wheels – A Roseland Success Story!

In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, Gerrans Parish Charity established a Meals on Wheels Service for the six Parishes across the Roseland.  Between 23rd March and 31st December, an amazing team of volunteers from The Royal Standard, The Boathouse and The Plume cooked some 5,661 meals for recipients in each of the Parishes.

Gerrans Parish Charity underwrote the first £2,000 of the costs of the service and acted as host legal entity when approaching funders.  The total cost of the service was £51,113.

There was an incredibly generous response to our fundraising efforts. In total, £54,770 was raised by approaching major grant givers, Parish Councils, organisations and individuals.  The difference between the sum raised and the costs, is £3,657.  This remains in the account of the charity to be used to serve its charitable objects and to continue to benefit the community.

Recognition and Thanks from the Lord Lieutenant
Those involved in the project received recognition and thanks from Lord Lieutenant on 23 October.  This was a high accolade to accompany the many gestures of thanks from those receiving the meals.

Our thanks to Andy Mullins of Gerrans Parish Charity for sharing his report (a fascinating insight) which can be read in full here.  The report includes some wonderful pictures painted by the children from Gerrans School which were sent out to meal recipients!

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