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Gerrans Parish Charity – Supporting Our Community

Are you exploring your further education options and worried about transport costs? Or maybe you are looking for an apprenticeship, but don’t have the tools you need?  Perhaps you need training to help you to change career?

Whatever your stage in life, or your need, Gerrans Parish Charity might be able to help. We are now offering matched funding awards, up to £250 per person, to support you change your future.

Perhaps you have been nurturing an idea for a project for our community?  One that would benefit of benefit for all of our residents, or maybe a particular section of our community.  For example, we are currently supporting Roseland Community Transport to provide services to local NHS patients and Gerrans School to develop an outdoor learning project.

Whatever your idea, if you think that some funding would help make it happen, then come and talk to us.

You can find all the details here!

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