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Gerrans Parish Council Minutes – March 2014

Gerrans Parish Council

MINUTES of the Meeting of Gerrans Parish Council

held on Tuesday 4th March  2014 at 7.30 pm

in  the Memorial Hall Annexe

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 1st April 2014 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall Annexe


Cllrs   Case, Fletcher, German, Greenslade, Hatwood, Hetherington, Morse, Symons,

Taffinder ( Chairman);  S Skull (Clerk)

1 member of the public attended.



–  Cllr Iddison (illness), CC J Germa


CO-OPTION OF NEW MEMBER-   Three nominations had been received to fill the existing casual vacancy. The three candidates were Mr Neville Meek, (present), Mrs Cynthia Calton and Mr Robin Edwards. Mr Meek was elected by majority secret vote of the councillors present and invited to take his seat.


Mr Meek then completed and signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office form, which was witnessed and countersigned by the clerk, and was given a Register of Interests form, (a copy of the current Code of Conduct was to be forwarded by the clerk by email), and copies of the Council’s standing orders and financial regulations.



– Cllrs German and Case both declared a non registerable interest in Planning Application PA14/11703 (to be discussed in item 8 on the agenda) because of their involvement with the running of the Memorial Hall.



There was no public participation



The Council accepted the draft minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 4th February as being a true record subject to 3 amendments to the wording. The Chairman signed the amended minutes.



The clerk read out an email from CC Julian German saying he had reported the lifting pavement near Stodden Steps, the rubbish at Treloan Lane car park and the roadside recycling rubbish. He had also enquired about the PC being able to appoint its own traffic warden and was awaiting a reply.

Councillor Morse repeated the point made at the last meeting that a mobile phone mast was needed. Cllr Hatwood said the phone companies would not erect a mast for a small village and the cost would be prohibitive for the PC. Cllr Taffinder said she would contact Harlequin,the telecommunications agents, to enquire whether they were aware of any plans to erect a mast locally.



1. Email from Paul Walton of the National Trust

Request to site a securable timber bin store for the use of the Hidden Hut in the top corner of New Road car park. Cllr Case proposed (seconded by Cllr German) that in view of previous experience, when people had simply left their own bin bags at the side of  a locked container in the car park, the PC should suggest the bin would be better sited closer to the Hut on NT land. Carried unanimously. Action clerk to write.

2. Cornwall AONB

A reminder from Cornwall Council about the AONB Annual Forum to be held on on 22nd March. Cllr Hetherington volunteered to attend on behalf of the PC. Action clerk to book

3. Email from the clerk at St Newlyn East PC

A request to have a WW1 memorial paving stone in memory of a Mr Horace Augustus Curtis, who was awarded the Victoria Cross, sited in St Newlyn East Parish, where Mr Curtis spent most of his life, instead of Gerrans, where he was born. Cllr German proposed (seconded by Cllr Case) that the stone be kept in Gerrans. Motion defeated by 8 votes to 2. Action clerk to write to confirm.

4. Request from Veryan Players

Veryan Players plan to hold a dress rehearsal in the Memorial Hall on Tuesday 5th August, when they will also require use of the annexe. This clashes with the planned date for the August PC meeting. Cllr Taffinder proposed (seconded by Cllr Hetherington) that the PC move its August meeting to the Fishermen’s Shelter. Carried unanimously. Action clerk to inform VP




The PC had received 3 applications. These are outlined below and the PC’s comments were subsequently lodged under “Consultee Comments” in the Online Planning Register.

Application Description PC  Comment
PA14/00713 Extension and alterations to the Memorial Hall, Portscatho Unanimous support



Alterations to public toilet block to form beach cafe This is the PC’s own application so no comment will be submitted
PA14/01240 Bay window and window alterations at St Anthony Comment deferred pending site visit by Planning Committee

No Councillors left the room during consideration of PA14/00713 because there was no discussion. The matter had been considered uncontroversial, and a support comment already submitted prior to the meeting to meet the deadline.


PA14/00205   (PC: no objection )       –  approved

PA13/11720   (PC: no objection )       –  approved

PA13/10979   (PC: majority support)  –  approved

PA13/11196   (PC: support)               –  approved 


–  New cases

EN14/00222  Trewince Manor  –  allegation of TPO trees being cut down


Cllr Hetherington produced a suggested draft, and after discussion it was agreed unanimously that the following should be the PC’s policy going forward:

“The planning sub-committee will comprise no less than three members of the Council. The sub-committee will review all planning applications notified to it by the clerk, where possible within the time allowed by the LPA case officer, and where this is not possible requesting an extension through the clerk. At least three members of the sub-committee will visit site where the sub-committee considers a visit necessary to assist its consideration. The sub-committee may at its discretion contact the applicant or neighbours to arrange access or establish relevant matters of fact. The sub-committee will not discuss the merits or otherwise of the subject application with applicants, neighbours or their agents in such a way as to prejudice the decision-making process. The sub-committee will report the outcome of its deliberations to the Council at the next full meeting. Where the sub-committee are unanimous, the recommendation of the sub-committee will be adopted as the decision of the Council. Where the sub-committee is not unanimous, the matter will be decided by the full Council.”

Cllr Greenslade proposed that there should be a chairman of the planning sub-committee and nominated Cllr Hetherington. This was seconded by Cllr Case and unanimously agreed.



Cllr Greenslade had attended the AGM of CALC on 20th February, at which the guest speaker was Mr Tony Hogg, Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Cllr Greenslade reported that Mr Hogg told the meeting that Devon and Cornwall police will lose £2.5 million next year as it contributes to the expansion of the Independent Police Complaints Commission. These funds will also be used to contribute to a new police Innovation Fund and pay City of London Police for investigations into the banking sector. Mr Hogg had said that, in his opinion, this will only be to the detriment of the provision of frontline neighbourhood policing services in the region.

Mr Hogg was further concerned that a major review of the way in which funds are allocated among forces nationwide will not be  concluded this side of the 2015 election, when police budgets are expected to come under yet further strain.

Cllr Greenslade proposed (seconded by Cllr Meek) that the PC should ask Sarah Newton MP to use her best endeavours to argue the case in Parliament for a reversal of the decision to “top slice” the £2.5 million and to bring forward the conclusion of the review of police budgets to a date before the next election. This was agreed unanimously and the clerk was asked to write to Mrs Newton to that effect. Action clerk



-to decide the PC’s response to Cornwall Council’s draft supplementary planning document

Cllr German noted that the deadline for comments under the current consultation was Friday 14th March and said he thought the PC should make its views known.

In view of the complexity of the document concerned, it was decided to form a sub-committee to meet separately and discuss the matter at length on a more informed basis. Cllrs Hetherington, Meek, German, Greenslade and Taffinder said they were willing to attend a meeting on Wednesday 12th March at 7.00pm in the Fishermen’s Shelter.

Cllr Taffinder proposed (seconded by Cllr Case) that the response decided by the sub-committee should be accepted as the PC’s view and submitted by the clerk. This was agreed unanimously.



Cornwall Council’s proposals to replace the existing mobile library services with a range of community-based initiatives, currently out for public consultation, were discussed and Cllr German proposed (seconded by Cllr Taffinder) that the PC should make the comment that it supports the mobile service currently in operation, but if that service is no longer viable then a suitable alternative service is considered essential. This was agreed unanimously. Action clerk to submit comment



The clerk reported that he was informed that the backlog of work built up by the recent severe weather was still holding up the alterations to the obtrusive signage in New Road and also the siting of time plates on Churchtown Road.

No drawings had yet been received re the additional double yellow lines for New Road and Gerrans Hill but Cormac had indicated these should be forthcoming by the end of March.



– New Road

–  Lease negotiations : the clerk said he had sent Cornwall Council  the requested information regarding historic grounds maintenance payments and was awaiting their reply.

–   Surface repairs and drainage  :  the clerk produced four quotes for the revised job specification and after discussion it was decided to accept the tender from Cormac Solutions Ltd. Action clerk to advise Cormac and also the unsuccessful applicants.

–  Charges for 2014/2015  :  Cllr Case proposed (seconded by Cllr Hatwood) there should be no change in the level of charges for the coming year. This was agreed unanimously.

–  Signage  :  the need for improvement to car park signage generally was again raised and Cllr Hatwood and the clerk agreed to liaise on this. Action Cllr Hatwood and clerk

Treloan Lane

Cllr Case said the proposed site meeting on 3rd March had not taken place because of illness, but would be rescheduled before the next full PC meeting



The clerk reported that he had now received cutting schedules and a model small works contract from CC regarding the LMP paths but was still awaiting the documentation for the SWCP paths. There were now 4 contractors interested



Portscatho :  Cllr German suggested the PC should now contact Smiths Gore to ask them to begin work on advertising the proposed beach café as a commercial opportunity. This was generally agreed and Cllr German said he would contact Smiths Gore.




It was resolved that the outstanding invoices in the total sum of £3,346.28 (including VAT of £379.88) be paid. A schedule of these payments is available from the clerk.


The reconciled bank balance as at 25th February 2014 was £62,432.07


All payments were within budget as adjusted by minuted Council decisions.



The clerk said there had been reports of drain covers in Hetherington’s Ope which become extremely slippery when wet. Cllr German suggested this was a matter for Cornwall Council. Action clerk to report

Cllr German asked if ex-Councillor Davis had returned all the documentation relating to the 2 charitable trusts administered by the PC. The clerk said he would follow this up. Action clerk

Cllr German also mentioned his own observations and reports from parishioners about dog fouling, particularly on the NT land below New Road car park and on the cricket field, and also about litter on the Gwarak Gwel An Mor estate, works vehicles obstructing the road at Wayside Cottage and notice boards at the road junction at Trewithian being left in place for a long time after the events advertised. The clerk said he would look into all these matters. Action clerk

Cllr Hetherington drew attention to the fact that under new government legislation about transparency at public meetings of local councils, members of the public would now have freedom to record proceedings on film.

Cllr Fletcher reported that he had discovered that the proposed defibrillator units need a continuous electricity supply to keep their batteries charged, and asked if this had been foreseen by the proposers, and whether it had been taken into account when choosing sites for the units.

Cllr Symons said the road between Parton Vrayne and Trewince was in very poor condition and he intended to speak to CC Julian German on the matter. Cllr R German said the person to contact was Bert Biscoe.

Cllr Meek observed that the next day was St Peran’s day and wished fellow Councillors “Gool Peran lowen dhewgh hwi oll”,  meaning “Happy Perantide to you all”.

The meeting closed at 9.43 pm

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