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Gerrans Parish Council Minutes – September 2015

Gerrans Parish Council

MINUTES of the Meeting of Gerrans Parish Council

held on Tuesday 1st September 2015

in the Memorial Hall Annexe

NEXT MEETING – Tuesday 6th October 2015 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall Annexe


Cllrs Edwards, German, Greenslade, Hetherington, Meek, Neal, Taffinder ( Chairman);

CC J German, S Skull (Clerk)


1 member of the public attended.




The Chairman read out a statement in respect of the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 reminding those in attendance and participating in the meeting that they were liable to be filmed, recorded, photographed or otherwise recorded.




Cllrs Case, Hatwood, Iddison and Morse








Mr John Smith, Chairman of the Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan (RNDP) Steering Group (SG), said the SG was very pleased with the referendum result, both in terms of the turnout and the size of the vote for the plan. It was intended to hold a cluster meeting on 28th September at which the SG would present the main features of the RNDP, explain the reasons behind it and give details of the activities to follow. He also said the SG had reviewed the approach of the Planning Assessment Group (PAG), the purpose of which would be to form an appraisal of an application and circulate its opinion to the Parish and the Planning officer for information and feedback prior to submitting a formal response. He said there was an immediate need for more Parish representation on the PAG. He also circulated the SG members’ attendance figures for the last 12 meetings.


Mr Smith also said that over the last two years he or Vice Chairman John Adams had attended every PC meeting to give updates and take questions, but felt there was no longer the need for regular attendance. Future communication would be by a regular monthly report to the clerk, but he would still be willing to attend by request.


Cllr Meek offered his congratulations to Mr Smith and the SG on the successful outcome of all their efforts, and Cllr Taffinder endorsed this with her thanks.


CC Julian German circulated hard copies of the final RNDP and hoped that the cluster meeting would be well attended.




The Council accepted the draft minutes of the meeting held on 4th August 2015 as being a true record subject to the correction of two errors. The Chairman signed the corrected minutes.





The clerk reported:

  1. He had reported to the National Trust the finger post and gate at Pelyn in need of repair.


  1. There had been some interest in seagull-proof bags. 11 had been sold to date of an initial stock of 25 ordered, and some bags had been used for extra litter disposal over Regatta weekend.




  1. Truro and the Roseland Network Community Panel

Request for confirmation of Gerrans PC representative and substitute on the panel for the forthcoming year.

Cllr Hetherington volunteered to continue as representative, and Cllr Meek to continue as substitute. Unanimously agreed.


  1. Notification of Charitable donation.

Email from Andy Mullins, secretary of Gerrans Parish Charity, confirming that a donation of £250 had been agreed and paid to Roseland Community Transport.


Cllr German said that in fact the donation had not been formally agreed because the particular fund from which the donation was to be made was for the benefit of Portscatho residents only. He said the recent organisation of the charitable funds had lacked coherence, and it was important that the affairs of the funds be regularised. The clerk was asked to make this an item on the agenda to be discussed at the next meeting. Action clerk


There was no further correspondence which would not be addressed in other items on the agenda.




Councillors welcomed the formation of the Planning Assessment Group set up by the Steering Group, to which Mr Jon Smith referred in the open period, considering that its input would be a useful guide when considering new applications. The clerk was asked to publicise the SG’s request for further Gerrans Parish representation on the Group, and to put this on the agenda for the next meeting. Action clerk


It was agreed that more detailed discussion of the PC’s reaction to the referendum result, and the future consideration of planning applications in the light of that result, should be deferred to the October meeting, which would be held after the cluster meeting on 28th September, when members would have a more detailed appreciation of the implications.


The status of the Chairman’s casting vote was discussed. Cllr Meek said that, while he wished to make it clear he was casting no personal aspersions on Cllr Taffinder for her most recent use of the casting vote, he considered it was customary for this vote to be in support of the established policy of the Council. After other contributions it was decided that in future if votes were even in consideration of a planning application, the casting vote should be used to preserve the status quo.


Cllr Taffinder said she hoped Cllr German would reconsider his previously stated intention to resign from the Steering Group. Cllr Meek supported this statement and members unanimously agreed. Cllr German agreed that he would continue to serve as Gerrans PC representative, and Cllr Hetherington agreed to continue as “alternate”.







Application Description PC decision
(None this month) n/a n/a



Application GPC comment CC Decision
PA15/05422 – Conversion of water tank into dwelling at       Trewithian Support Refused
PA15/03224 – Conversion of redundant barns to 2 residential units at Tregaire Barton Farm Object Refused



Nothing to report



As discussed in the open period earlier in the meeting it was agreed that this issue would be raised at the cluster meeting on 28th September, but Councillors discussed the practicalities that would be involved if and when the proposed changes occur. There was general agreement that, particularly for site visits, a printed version of an application of at least size A3 was essential, and it was thought the Roseland parishes might share a central printing resource – perhaps at the St Mawes offices of St Just in Roseland PC. For viewing at meetings, Cllr Edwards suggested a flat screen TV with USB socket would be a practical and more economic resource than a projector and screen, and he said he would do some research prior to the cluster meeting.




  1. Cornwall Council’s proposed recycling initiative.

The clerk reported there had still been no letter to PC’s giving details and inviting expressions of interest in the scheme. CC Julian German said he would be seeing the Cabinet member for waste management the following day, and the clerk was asked to put the matter on the next agenda. Action clerk Cllr Meek said it would be a good idea to tag the incentive and prize to the development of a particular local project.

  1. Proposed Multi-Academy trust

Cllr Taffinder reported that she was still waiting for information. CC German said it was the intention of the Government that all schools should belong to such a trust by 2017, but there was no legislation as yet. The clerk was asked to put the matter on the next agenda. Action clerk

  1. Community Assets Listing

The clerk reported that the Fishermen’s Shelter had now been formally listed as a Community Asset, and he had begun work on applying for the listing of the Heritage Centre.

  1. Cabinet Office Fund for Coastal Revival

Councillors agreed that the time until deadline this year was too short to compile and submit an application for funds, but the clerk was asked to make this an agenda item again next time to begin the process of gathering suggestions for identifiable projects over the next twelve months. Action clerk Cllr German suggested that improving access to the lighthouse at St Anthony would be a worthwhile project.

  1. The Queen’s 90th Birthday in April 2016

In view of the fact that Gerrans Church PCC had given notice that they would be organising some festivities, it was generally agreed that the PC should wait to see what was planned, and offer its co-operation if and when required.




Cllr German reported that there had been no progress in finalising the registration of the main lease on Portscatho toilets, which had been held up due to a discrepancy concerning the site plan. He said he was getting no response or co-operation from relevant department at Cornwall Council. The clerk said he would try to chase this up, and CC Julian German said he would pass on the necessary contact details. Action clerk




The clerk reported that the preliminary fencing work was now complete, and he would seek a contractor to clear the site of the accumulated piles of green and other waste so that a systematic programme of mowing could be started

He also reported that the cheque to guarantee the legal fees of the Landlord in the drafting of the proposed lease on the extra parcel of land had now been sent.

Cllr Meek suggested contacting the Open Space Team at Cornwall Council for advice on the design and costings of the proposed layout and children’s play area which would be necessary in applying for the release of S106 monies. CC Julian German said he would supply contact details to the clerk.







Councillors discussed the option of spraying the car park surface at Treloan lane to keep down the weeds that were showing through. After the discussion Cllr Taffinder proposed (seconded by Cllr Edwards) that the clerk should ask the current spraying contractor to add Treloan Lane car park to the spraying schedule next year. Six members voted in favour and Cllr German abstained. Carried. Action clerk




The clerk reported that a local tradesman had agreed to repair and make safe the dilapidated bench by the Lychgate at Gerrans Church free of charge. Councillors generally expressed their appreciation.






The clerk reported that all payments submitted for approval were materially within budget or within forecast and agreed contingency levels where actual figures were unknown at the time of setting the budget.



It was resolved that the outstanding invoices totalling £8,285.24 (including VAT of £435.09) be paid. A schedule of these payments is available from the clerk.



The reconciled bank balance as at 25th August was £43,274.13




  1. Any urgent business


– None


  1. Matters to be included on the next agenda


– Deteriorating condition of the children’s play area next to Gerrans School.

– Councillors’ suggestions for outside bodies who might be invited to send a representative to address the

PC on local issues.


  1. Minor items for report


– The clerk was asked to ensure that Varcoe Lane be henceforth included on the Parish footpath cutting

schedule. Action clerk


The meeting closed at 9.35pm













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