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Gerrans Parish Council – New Road Car Park Signs Update

Gerrans Parish Council would like to update parishioners about the New Road Car Park signs.

They approached Cormac about the unsightly nature of the signs last year after they were constructed. The council were as concerned about their size and numbers as locals naturally are. Cormac agreed their oversight was of significant nature as to warrant reviewing and, after consultation with the law with regards signs of this kind, agreed to reduce them by one sign (taking them down to three on each side) and also reduce the size of the ones on the seaward side to under half its current size.

Unfortunately, due to the workload Cormac have had since the storms, this work has naturally become less of a priority, but will be addressed in the coming weeks.

As the parish council is also addressing the parking in Portscatho square, it has decided to add to this consultation the removal of the ‘June – September’ parking allowance at New Road by the Car Park and make it ‘At Any Time’. This will mean we can do away with all but two signs there (one at the beginning and one at the end of the yellow lines). Of course, to make sure the parish doesn’t pay hundreds of pounds extra to do this one thing, we are including it in the aforementioned planning application with the Square, Portscatho changes.

The Parish Council agree with parishioners that the signs are unsightly, but must stress they are a legal requirement until the June – September restriction – as agreed by the previous parish council in their planning application four years ago – has been lifted. This will mean that in the coming months, the signs will be almost completely gone altogether, which we’re sure is everyone’s wish.

Of course residents can be kept up to date by reading Roseland Online’s Parish Council pages and the community magazine. Thank you for your patience in this matter. Be reassured, it is in hand.

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