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Gerrans Parish Council Notice – July 2015

Gerrans Parish Council

At the Parish Council meeting on 7th July the statutory period after the resignation of Councillor Ken Symons, during which parishioners had the right to request a formal election, has now ended with no such requests having been made, so the Council will fill the existing vacancy by co-option at the meeting on August 4th. Any person interested in the post is invited to contact the clerk.

The meeting also addressed the problem of rubbish bags being left out at the wrong times, which are then torn apart by seagulls, resulting in waste being strewn everywhere. This is obviously as unpleasant as it is unnecessary. Your rubbish is your responsibility until it is collected.  If it creates a litter problem and you don’t take steps to stop it from happening again, you may receive a fixed penalty notice. If you cannot put your rubbish out at the correct time, or if it is impracticable for you to use a bin, you can buy reusable seagull proof bags for £3.50 each at any Cornwall Council one stop shop, and the Parish Council has also acquired a stock which it is making available at the same price. (Please contact the clerk for availability).The seagull proof bags hold around three black sacks of rubbish.  They have a secure Velcro fastening, a tie at the back and a weighted base to stop them blowing away after collection.

The Council is still inviting tenders for the ongoing grounds maintenance contract at Church Close, the open space land below Gerrans Churchyard. Anyone interested in tendering for the contract for this work is invited to apply to the clerk.

The next regular meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th August at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall Annexe, Portscatho.

The Clerk can be contacted on 01872 580085 (email:

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