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Health, Naturally! – April 2015 – Sarah Greenhalgh

For a spring in your step

healthnaturally-04.15-3To celebrate British Summer time this article highlights research on how to stay sprightly and healthy. This includes the importance of exposure to natural sunlight made easier by more light in the evenings for us to enjoy, benefits of lemon, turmeric and small lifestyle changes that may prevent memory loss.

‘Light is the most important synchronizing agent for the brain and body,’ said Ivy Cheung, co-lead author of a small study of 49 day-shift office workers reported in last June’s Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. ‘Proper synchronization of your internal biological rhythms with the earth’s daily rotation has been shown to be essential for health.’ Her summary reported that the workers with more natural light exposure had longer sleep duration, better sleep quality and were more active during their waking day as measured by Actigraphy. Another of its authors reported that it is becoming increasingly evident that exposure to daylight especially in the morning helps mood, metabolism and alertness.

As well as daylight another popular start to the day is water with fresh lemon. There are many qualities from the lemon juice to support digestion, detoxification and joints of the body. Lemon in water creates an alkalizing effect in the body and although alkaline diets have had some negative press when a balanced diet isn’t always achieved; this boost to your metabolism in the morning can only be beneficial…unless

healthnaturally-04.15-2Please be aware that recently the Journal of Environmental Health Study found all sorts of unsavory microbes in slices of lemon added to drinking water in restaurants. The investigators believed that this was down to poor hygiene in its preparation. So to produce your own lemon water and use the juice rather than the whole lemon would be recommended. Also advisable to check with your GP first if you are susceptible to gastric ulcers or think you might be sensitive or allergic to lemons.

Other ways to start the day: Anyone for kedgeree? Last year a randomised, double–blind, placebo trial looked at the benefits of curcumin given daily (the main therapeutic constituent in turmeric, super in kedgeree) At the end of the eight week period those who had the curcumin experienced a significant effect in their moods and far greater than those on placebo; although at the outset the placebo had an effect too. Curcumin in other research has been reviewed as a potential cancer fighter too. Lab studies show it can suppress the transformation, proliferation, and invasion of cancerous cells for a wide array of cancers.

healthnaturally-04.15-1Finally a small study was reported in Aging a high impact research journal that shows reversal of cognitive decline; written by Bredesen who used a novel therapeutic programme on ten patients suffering with memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s. The approach was a complex 36 point therapeutic program that involved comprehensive diet changes, brain stimulation, exercise, sleep optimization, specific pharmaceuticals and vitamins, and multiple additional steps that affect brain chemistry.

All patients except one with late stage Alzheimer’s improved, many went back to work as improvements developed. One lady noted that before the study when she read, by the time she reached the bottom of a page she would have to start again as she was unable to remember the material she had just read. Just after three months her symptoms abated and she found her memory was better than it had been in years.

This patient was in treatment the longest receiving the therapy for two-and-a-half years. Many of Bredesen’s points in the therapeutic system have been recommended elsewhere to improve one’s health and if it helps prevent degeneration it is certainly worth looking at the research further.   Here are some of the points:

  • eliminating all simple carbohydrates, gluten and processed food from her diet, and eating more vegetables, fruits and non-farmed fish
  • meditating twice a day and beginning yoga to reduce stress
  • sleeping seven to eight hours per night, up from four to five
  • taking melatonin, vitamin D3, fish oil and coenzyme Q10 each day
  • optimizing oral hygiene using an electric flosser and electric toothbrush
  • exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes, four to six days per week“ (Lastpicture)

healthnaturally-04.15-4“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” certainly applies here; reports a gentlemen reflecting on the study. He has personally taken up the task upgrading his lifestyle in many ways to stave off and prevent Alzheimer’s, Heart disease and Cancer. He says “Life is to be lived and living cleanly and healthfully allows one to engage responsibly in its pleasures. All degenerative diseases are linked to poor diet and life styles.

He highly encourages others to follow this information by making changes to their life styles early on! DO NOT WAIT until you see symptoms. All of the degenerative diseases lurk in your body for years before symptoms show. Start today if not yesterday! Age gracefully and beautifully

Wishing you a happy and healthy Spring.

Sarah Greenhalgh

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