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Health, Naturally! – December 2014 – Sarah Greenhalgh

Essence of the Season

HealthNaturally-December2014-1As winter’s chill sets in our body’s defences are stretched to the max and for some, symptoms of a weakened immune system appear. Essential oils have powerful natural properties that can be anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic to name but a few. I have had great feedback from a lady who suffered from ear infections for a very long time but one blend of 3 essential oils kept the ear calm and absent from infection.

Two of these oils have great associations with this festive season. One takes me back to magical memories of Christmas – Orange and its aroma from the bottom of Santa’s stocking. One species of orange provides us with 3 different varieties of oil.

From its blossom Neroli is created, often found in ladies’ perfume but has HealthNaturally-December2014-2medicinal value too. It is anti-viral, heals wounds, antiseptic and counteracts melancholy so known as the positive thinker. But for me, its aroma takes me back to childhood scrapes and the soothing smell of Savlon.   This may give a clue to why so many of my clients from a medical profession choose this oil as one of their favourites – once a healer, always a healer.

From this tree’s leaves and twigs Petitgrain is sourced. The name means little seed as originally the oil was produced from small fruits not fully developed. This gentle oil is associated with giving the body a gentle boost in convalescence as a topical tonic. Bitter orange from its matured fruit makes life ‘sweet’ through relieving stress and nervous tension, with properties to boost immunity against flu and infection.

AHealthNaturally-December2014-3nother exceptionally useful oil to relieve anguish at this busy time is Melissa, commonly known as Lemon Balm. It helps find inner contentment, harmony and balance. As a tea it can de-stress in a very short space of time. If you would like to try this a reputable herbalist can produce the tea for you.

Another use found by a Doctor in Germany, was to utilise its antiviral properties against Herpes simplex (cold sores), he recommended using Rose with Melissa oil directly onto Herpes lesion taking care not to touch the surrounding skin to avoid irritation. He claimed that the virus will often disappear within 24 hours. I had confirmation only this week that this combination had reduced the irritability of a colleague’s cold sore in the same time frame.

HealthNaturally-December2014-4To bring us back to those Christmassy smells we know and love – Myrrh is a brilliant oil for this time of year as it can be added to our repertoire to help combat infections, this time of a bacterial nature – well known for mouth and throat; can only be used externally so use a dilute blend to massage the throat or as a double boost work the blend into your fingers which are teeth reflex points and at the base of the thumb nail continuing down to the base of the digit for mouth and throat reflex.

A safety reminder, if you decide to investigate essential oils for yourself it is important to highlight again their potency.  Research has shown that some essential oils raise and others lower blood pressure; fundamentally essential oils will have an effect on the systems of the body.  If in doubt, especially if you are on prescribed medication check with your GP first and go to a qualified Aromatherapist. I have a contact page on my website detailed below if you have any questions or if you would like me to make you an aromatherapy blend suited to your needs.

HealthNaturally-December2014-5Finally as mentioned in my October article the competition to win an Apollo Awakening massage before Christmas is now open; through Cornwall Today magazine and online with closing date of midnight on 15th December to gives us time to get it to you. Good luck!

Merry Christmas to you all,

Best wishes

Sarah Greenhalgh

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