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Health, Naturally! – June 2015 – Sarah Greenhalgh

Reflexology and You: the Perfect Partnership

HealthNaturally06.15-1This month, I had an opportunity to relive what it was like to hear about and feel Reflexology for the first time. A young couple; down in Cornwall as part of a celebration, decided to have Reflexology for the first time as part of their experience.

Both partners were very different in how they reacted to the experience the young lady was very vocal asking many questions about the ancient therapy its history and theory and exclaimed at the end ‘why haven’t I been privy to this information before, it’s amazing the way it works!’ we concluded that it would be great if it was on the national curriculum for future generations to learn how to take control of aspects of their health.

HealthNaturally06.15-3The young man came along afterwards to have his treatment. He was quiet for most of his Reflexology session but at the end marveled at how he felt the connections in the referral areas of his body while I stimulated the reflex points on his feet. As you can imagine, such enthusiasm was a delight. So with hope of promoting Reflexology further; this article is how Hand Reflexology can be an aid for those struggling with hay-fever or sinusitis, problematic for some at this time of the year.

As mentioned in previous articles, hand reflexology is a great tool to help you personally to boost areas of weakness in your body. Your fingers are the reflex areas to boost and release congestion in the sinuses and to relieve pressure in the head. I call the technique ‘rocking and rolling’ as the best way to work the fingers is to alternate your pressure from each finger as they either support or work the finger that is having the attention. See the photos that look strangely like a shadow rabbit!

HealthNaturally06.15-4Next it would be beneficial to flush the congestion away via the lymphatic system; this can be done by ‘milking the lymphatics’ by squeezing the webbing between the thumb and each adjacent finger. For best results it is important to start at the thumb and first finger as seen in the photos and then squeeze the same area between 2nd and 3rd, then 3rd and 4th followed by 4th and 5th (your little finger); But then reverse this action finishing at the thumb and 1st finger as this is the reflex point for the lymphatic duct where the upper lymphatic nodes drain into. This needs to be done on both your right and then left hand.

HealthNaturally06.15-2Finally, our thumbs relate to our neck and head reflexes with the lower joint being your neck and upper joint, your head. The arrow indicates the positioning of the cervical vertebrae; these upper bones of the spine have nerves that innervate them. To stimulate the impulses provided by these nerves is always beneficial and especially that of 2nd cervical vertebra as this one informs the sinuses, forehead and eyes so useful for sinus trouble, allergies and eye trouble. We have seven cervical vertebrae so the 2nd is found near the top of the arrow but to rub or circle the whole area indicated would be advantageous.

I do hope this information is useful for you if suffering from sinusitis or hayfever; also keep in mind in case you get a summer cold as the wind is still a little chilly. Contact details below as always if you need more advice.

Wishing you a happy and healthy summer.

Sarah Greenhalgh

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