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Health, Naturally! – March 2015 – Sarah Greenhalgh

HealthNaturally1This time twenty years ago Pressures of Life was founded. As I sat on my green carpet in my sitting room in Oxfordshire the ethos and following principles behind the company were born and within a year I had treated over 100 clients. Certainly not as experienced as today but the feeling was just as strong, of wanting to spread the word about Complementary therapies and how they can relieve pressures and stress found in the lifestyle of today.

  • To enable you to de-stress and remember how good it feels to find total relaxation through a variety of treatments.

HealthNaturally2One of my first clients was a young hairdresser in her twenties who hadn’t experienced Massage before and who was shocked at how relaxed she felt during the treatment and afterwards. She said she had forgotten how it felt to be relaxed; I was saddened that previously she hadn’t had the opportunity to feel relaxed in her busy life but pleased that she now knew how good it felt.

  • To give you an opportunity to understand the effect of stress on your body. Stress has been seen as the underlying cause of 75{c8c3b3d140ed11cb7662417ff7b2dc686ffa9c2daf0848ac14f76e68f36d0c20} of common conditions.

An interesting article has appeared online recently reporting that 43{c8c3b3d140ed11cb7662417ff7b2dc686ffa9c2daf0848ac14f76e68f36d0c20} of people in their pole receive massage for medical conditions; good to hear the word is getting out there! If you recall my article for September 2013 discussed the effects of stress on the body and how the minor systems are sometimes weakened when more energy is used by the major systems that produce the fight of flight response. This theory relates well to IBS, cystitis, colds and infertility that have been described as stress-related conditions. Reflexology has been successfully used by clients who wanted to overcome these conditions through balancing the body.

HealthNaturally3In 2008 Dr Kathy Sykes looked at complementary therapies and this series included Reflexology. She found a reflexologist in Sheffield who believed that she had used the discipline to help bring over 100 babies into the world. Unfortunately the way it was reported seemed like it was some form of miracle but really Reflexology helps fertility by de-stressing the body; allowing a calm, nurturing environment to be created.

Although the history and theory weren’t well received by Dr Sykes she did appreciate the way that reflexology was being used by a Professor in Hull to relax cancer patients. Clients who have received Reflexology do rave about the way it relaxes them, making them feel more balanced, grounded and in tune with their bodies. One young Mum-to-be felt really in tune when having Reflexology so much so she could see her baby’s silhouette in her foot; where her uterus reflex point is. Can you see it too?

  • healthnaturally5To pass on tips if you wish, using reflexology, essential oils and small lifestyle changes to relieve the impact of stress.

In the late 90’s I diversified into teaching firstly with short courses to treat friends and family. Conditions the students were keen to treat included helping with stress-related infertility and enuresis (bedwetting in children).  Response from local publicity highlighted the need for further help with Enuresis. I created a teaching booklet to support parents carrying out a Reflexology treatment on their children to relieve this condition; individual teaching sessions were a popular option.

HealthNaturally4As a celebration of 20 years of practice Pirate FM are selling half price vouchers for use in Pressures of Life’s new therapy space in Chacewater going live on Thursday 5th March. You can choose between Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology or an Inlight organic Facial. But if July 2014’s article ‘Breaking the cycle’ is of interest to you I would be happy to offer readers a parent teaching session to learn how Reflexology can help relieve enuresis for their child; for the price of a voucher.

Looking forward to hearing from you, if any of the above is of interest.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Spring.

Sarah Greenhalgh


  • Sorry you’d disappeared the other day when I saw you in the café at The Museum! I’ve just been spending a bit of time going through Roseland On Line, came across your articles and particularly the one about diabetes, Les has been a type 1 diabetic for years and I was diagnosed about l8 months ago – it goes back in the family. I seem to be type 2 insulin using. Anyway, we’re away for a couple of weeks in April, but let me know if you’re here in May at all and perhaps we can make time for a coffee, it would be nice ta catch up.

    Understand Tony’s in, or now out of hospital – how is he?

    Regards – Mags

    • Hi Mags,
      Just spotted your message, sorry it didn’t come through to me directly; only just seen it at the bottom of the article.
      Would love to touch base for a coffee if you are around now?
      best wishes

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