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Health, Naturally! – May 2015 – Sarah Greenhalgh

How great is Green?!        

HealthNaturally-0515-1‘Arise up Miss ….. all in your gown of green,

For summer is acome unto day,

You are as fine a lady as wait upon the Queen,

In the merry morning of May.’ 

A verse from the song sung on the eve of May 1st in Padstow, the start of Obby Oss festivities where the whole town is decorated with summertime greenery. There have been many conflicting theories about the origins of the Obby Oss. Some say its roots are in pagan times, others that it’s a rain maker or a welcome to summer but rumour has it that it is one of the oldest fertility rituals in the UK.

HealthNaturally-0515-2This time of year I find the new greenery that sprouts from our many glorious trees extremely calming yet energising. Is this because of the psychological feel of newness of growth or the effect of the strength and intensity of such a dynamic green? Researchers say the colour green symbolises tranquillity, good luck, health and implied by the preferred colour of wedding dresses in 15th century, symbol of fertility.

‘Live quietly in the moment and see the Beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself’ Paramahansa Yogananda

But if you wish to add a little healthy something to the new season how about starting to drink Green Tea? I for one tried it a while ago and found it very unpalatable, an acquired taste but with research that says Green tea acts as a detoxifier for the body, I needed to find way!

It activates mechanisms in the liver that can eliminate cancerous toxins from the body more rapidly and a specific nutritional molecule EGCG found in the tea is one of the most powerful catechins working against the formation of new blood vessels by cancerous cells needed for tumour growth (Anticancer: A new way of Life). Then I was lucky enough to be given Rose infusion Bio by Lov Organic, Green tea with Rose it is an absolutely beautiful tea enjoyable hot or when it is cool. After two or three cups of green tea the above author says that EGCG is plentiful in the blood.

HealthNaturally-0515-3Do you ever feel that your body is trying to tell you that it is ‘under par’ links well to ‘Listen to your body’ – an article from September 2013? We’ve already mentioned the amazing lemon and ginger juice combination to stave off virus or flu. But another magnificent boost from Juice Master Jason Vale is his Green Superfood juice found in his Funky Fresh Juice book with Broccoli stem, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Apples x2 with my favourite lemon and Ginger root included too. In this combination he describes Broccoli as a superfood that supports the body’s detoxification process, including activation, neutralisation and elimination of unwanted contaminants. No wonder you feel energised and tough enough to fight of ailments after one of these!

HealthNaturally-0515-4Carrying on with all things green and in readiness for summer our faces are exposed more to the elements, especially UV rays. A great skin care routine is to gently exfoliate in order to deeply cleanse the skin. Dr Spiezia doesn’t believe in strong exfoliation as they can damage the epidermis and as a result stimulate an excess of skin sebum production.  So he has formulated the recipe for his award-winning green exfoliator  Inlight Organic Super-Food Mask. This mask gently exfoliates (using baobab powder), replenishes the skin (jojoba, rose hip and carrot oils) and “fights” free radicals with highly anti-oxidant super-foods (spirulina and barley grass powder).

And finally another green wonder is Basil, known to reduce spasm, an insect repellent, reduces flatulence and has anti-bacterial properties. The aromatherapy essential oil has a ‘clearing’ smell described by some as a feeling that goes straight to the chest, reminiscent of cough mixture and been found to relieve sinusitis. Emotionally, it is uplifting especially with depression, can relieve intellectual fatigue – ideal for times of study and revision. And as an aromatherapy blend with Ginger and Lavender magnificent for aches and pains. But remember your body will tell you if it is right for you; only use if you love the aroma. Important note: Ginger essential oil can increase blood pressure so not for anyone with high blood pressure issues.

HealthNaturally-0515-5We worship you, O God the Father,
we offer you our praise,
for you nourish our bodies,
and minds with heavenly grace…

…a verse from Hymnus Eucharisticus best known for its role in the event of May Day morning in Oxford; where students of the University join with town and village folk throughout the land to celebrate new growth and springtime.

This time in the year feels like another chapter where new beginnings are given extra energy for fruition. A brilliant moment in the Wheel of the Year to bring ideas hopes and dreams into action.

Wishing you a happy and healthy May.

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