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Health, Naturally! – November 2013 – Sarah Greenhalgh

Essence of Self


For those of you who enjoy using your senses & perception to find out more about yourself this article may be especially interesting.  It’s about going on a journey of reminiscence to tap into your subconscious, to reveal more about you.

This experience was developed from the theory that the mind is able to perceive what the body needs. Remember previously we had discussed: if we listen to our body, it will give us signs that show when a weakness or imbalance is present.  Another sense that can be used to achieve this is our sense of smell.  Pic 1

Aromatherapy is the ancient art of healing, it has been reported that the power of natural plant oils have been recognised from as long ago as 6000BC.  Later in Ancient Egypt they were used for embalming as part of ancient rituals.  Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, used essential oils to eliminate the plague in Athens and also wrote about the medicinal properties of many oils.

Early in 20th Century a French chemist Gattefosse burnt his hand badly in his laboratory and he plunged it into the nearest available cool liquid that happened to be lavender essential oil. He made a remarkable discovery; the burns healed very quickly with no blistering and he was left with minimal scarring.

essenceofself4Essential oils, the natural power behind aromatherapy can be extracted from many sources within a plant including the bark, leaves, petals, seeds, fruit and resins from trees. Pic 4 Through harvesting and the distillation process the essential oil is about 100 times stronger than the oil found in the original plant; that is why you must always dilute an essential oil before putting it on your skin or otherwise buy a blend that has been diluted already for you.

Research has been carried out over the years to show the physiological and emotional effect of oils on an individual through their complex molecular structure.  Battaglia, the author of my favourite Aromatherapy book goes a step further by linking the oils to the colour spectrum and seven main energy centres (chakras) of the body. These chakras are like spirals or bodies of energy and are further represented by the seven colours of the spectrum.  As plants derive energy from the sun’s rays (all colours of a rainbow) they offer a special method of absorbing colour vibrations into our system.  Essential oils are filled with living, pulsating vibrations.

essenceofself3Many of the theories behind the properties of the oils make perfect sense especially when the colour of the oil’s source is the one that links to its chakra.  For example carrot seed oil is associated with orange Fig 3. When studying the properties of this essential oil it has been reputed to boost the healing of the liver.  Some people who have smelt the oil say it reminds them of the aroma of brandy; this seems uncanny when the oil is believed to help after an overindulgence of alcohol by boosting the functioning of the liver!

Dr. Richard Gerber author of Vibrational Medicine tells us that one of the best ways we can change dysfunctional patterns in our energy bodies is to administer therapeutic doses of ‘frequency-specific subtle energy in the form of vibrational medicines.’  The use of essential oils, Bach flower remedies and crystals to name but a few are ways to do this.

A treatment I carry out with clients and also offered as a gift set is called the Essentials Experience.  To go through the box of essential oils is an experience in itself.  From this it is possible to choose a signature scent like a perfume that reflects your personality or a regulating blend to help boost weak areas of the body and within the treatment the blend is used in a massage.  Alone or with friends this ‘window to the mind’ will reveal hidden insights about you to ponder independently or spark much discussion between friends.

essenceofself2The most significant factor found from the experiences so far is that the most popular oils trigger reminisces of special times and places with much loved people. Many have been childhood memories where the individual is in a secure environment, carefree where nothing bad would happen. Pic2 I haven’t found the science behind this element as yet only that going back in time to a place where any aspiration was possible is a lovely way to relieve the body and mind of today’s stress and anxieties.

Just as a safety reminder, if you do decide to investigate essential oils for yourself it is important to highlight again their potency.  Research has shown that some essential oils raise and others lower blood pressure; fundamentally essential oils will have an effect on the systems of the body.  If in doubt especially if you are on prescribed medication check with your GP first or go to a qualified Aromatherapist.

essenceofself5One example you may be surprised at is Lavender.  The essential oil has been reported to lower BP and it has the property of an emmenagogue this term means that it has the ability to assist in promoting menstruation; therefore shouldn’t be used in pregnancy.   Lavender is perceived as a gentle oil and is called the ‘Mother of all oils’ due to its versatility in helping many systems of the body but as you can see this oil needs to be used with care too. Pic5

I do hope you enjoy aromatherapy as much as I do and it may transports you to serene places of old and strengthen you for pastures new.

Best wishes,

Sarah Greenhalgh

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