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Health, Naturally! – October 2014 – Sarah Greenhalgh

Apollo Awakening

HealthNaturally-10.14-1As I am writing this piece for the October edition it is hard to believe that summer is over. The weather today is balmy with a serenity and peace offered by the gentle breeze. But if you haven’t felt this recently or know someone else who is struggling to feel at one with their world this article may be just what is needed.

The Apollo Awakening is a four-handed massage that Alexandra Holbrooke, a fellow therapist and I have seen evolve for almost a year now. Alex and I have known each other for years and as we work in the same locations we thought it would be lovely to develop something new together. By the time winter took hold at the end of 2013 we were both heartened by the way it was developing. Its roots are Polynesian and we wanted to create an image of sunshine through its name; so we thought Apollo, the god of sun also associated with health would be perfect.

HealthNaturally-10.14-4A wonderful group of ladies and gentlemen allowed us to finesse our routine on them and then gave us inspirational assurances of the appropriateness of its full title. One lady fed back that she had experienced an awakening of part of her brain that she felt had laid dormant since giving birth years before. Others highlighted the effect this massage had on their senses; as our four hands worked together their brain felt revitalised by the numerous sensory messages it had to process simultaneously. Viki Wilson from ‘Cornwall Today’ explains the ‘two therapists work in a seamless wave-like flow to induce a profound awakening of your senses; re-connecting energy pathways from your core to tips of your toes.’

HealthNaturally-10.14-2Viki titled this Apollo online article ‘The massage therapy that brings you energy’. Our first paying client echoed this effect after his treatment; so much so that he had ascended all 137 steps to Hotel Tresanton’s car park without noticing the incline. And he has booked regular Apollos ever since, testimony to how good it makes him feel.

These comments have been inspirational and lead Alex and I to wonder if the effects described may be beneficial for patients after they have finished chemotherapy. As you may have read a few months ago my brother is going through cancer treatment at present so these side effects have been well documented on his blog. In addition, a client who regularly visits the Hotel Tresanton has recently finished her cycles of chemo and was still suffering with chemo fog, as it’s called and lack of energy. So this wonderful lady decided to try an Apollo herself.

Alex and I were overwhelmed by the beauty of her prose that described her experience straight after our treatment. She felt it had been like a ritual, to welcome her body back as her own after all the medical intervention. This feeling is not just for those who have been through orthodox lifesaving therapy; others have said that they now feel more confident about owning, with a sense of acceptance all parts of their body when previously some areas were not.

HealthNaturally-10.14-7On a lighter note, another idea would be an Apollo Awakening Massage for a bride-to-be (or groom) just before their wedding day.   To de-stress after many months of coordinating their big day; to energise and bring back to the here and now so they can experience the big day with clarity and so recall every moment easily thereafter. For others it may just be the ideal treat or ultimate indulgence for massage lovers who can experience an Apollo Awakening at Hotel Tresanton, St. Mawes or in your home for your convenience. Alex and I are delighted to have the opportunity to run a competition to win an Apollo Awakening massage before Christmas in the December issue of Cornwall Today; something you may want to watch out for.

Finally, our most recent ‘Apollo’ client just emailed me to say ‘The treatment left me feeling relaxed and refreshed rather than the very deep spaced out feeling that ordinary massage can leave. It was nice to walk slowly back to my cottage afterwards as dusk was falling on the cusp of autumn I felt calm and uplifted at the same time.’

Happy Autumn to you all,

Best wishes

Sarah Greenhalgh

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