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Roger Ryman – A Brewer’s Tale

Roger Ryman – A Brewer’s Tale

The tenth, extremely successful, Roseland Festival ended last Saturday.

Some of the comments we have received – ‘ a superb series of events’, ‘Roseland Festival delights and inspires us with music, drama and poetry’, ‘all the events I have been to have had an excellent response from the audience or from participants in walks etc.’ ‘the variety of the events on offer – meant there was something for everyone’ – that was the intention of the Committee.

We are a very vibrant group of people who organise the Festival, it’s really interesting to be a part of it as everyone has a different interest, be it drama, walks, literature etc. Also you find out more about the different villages and hamlets of the peninsula through booking village halls and churches.

This year we sold  in excess of 1000 tickets, over 60{c8c3b3d140ed11cb7662417ff7b2dc686ffa9c2daf0848ac14f76e68f36d0c20} of events were sold out. There was even a bit of competition between two speakers as to who would sell out first!



Added to that we have been able to sponsor The Roseland Academy’s Living Roots Exhibition and other locally related charities and groups. There are also spinoffs in that local halls & other venues get used & enjoy some income.

At present we are in need of more committee members as several wish to stand down as they have been involved for a long time. There are several different roles for committee members, for example  brochure and website design, publicity and organising events. If you are interested in the Roseland Festival do come along to our Open Meeting on Tuesday 17 May at Philleigh Village Hall, have your say and bring some fresh ideas.

If you would like to come please could you email, that would help with the catering but we won’t turn you away if you drop in.

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