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How to make ice cream without a freezer – by Sallie Eden

This is a great way to make ice cream at home and a fun thing to do at parties, on the beach or at BBQs (you’ll need an insulated bag)

What you need:
A medium sized plastic bag (make sure it’s good quality so it doesn’t split)
A round washing up bowl or other large bowl
Lots of ice cubes (you can buy bags of ice in most supermarkets or make your own)
Two or three tablespoons of table salt
And for the ice cream itself (quantities vary according to the flavour you use and how sweet you like your ice cream – experiment until you get it just right)
Milk (or if you want it really creamy you can use half milk and half double cream or plain Greek yoghurt)
Sugar – vanilla sugar is best
Flavours e.g. strawberries or other fruit cut into small pieces, broken up chocolate flake, cinnamon, Amaretti etc. or you can
just use flavoured yoghurt instead of plain yoghurt

My current favourite is strawberry and banana – for two generous portions you’ll need a small tub of plain yogurt, a mashed banana, with a squeeze of lemon juice to prevent it going brown, and half a punnet of strawberries, chopped up small. Mix thoroughly.

Place the ice cubes in the washing up bowl – enough to half fill it, then add the salt and mix together – no need to be too thorough.

Place your ice cream ingredients in the plastic bag and tie the top. Then place the plastic bag into the bowl and rotate it, making sure it remains in the ice, not on top of it. Depending on how energetically you carry out this bit, after about 5-6 minutes your ice cream should be about the consistency of soft-serve ice cream and after a further 4-5 minutes it should be properly “scoopable”.

For children’s parties you can place bowls of different ingredients along a table so that each child can make their own variety – smarties, fruit, nuts (Careful!), chocolate buttons, broken biscuits and so on.

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