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ID:A Identity Anonymous

Starring Tuva Novotny, Flemming Enevold and Carsten Bjørnlund Director. Christian E. Christiansen

Aliena wakes up in a river in France with a bag with 2 million Euros, a scar across her abdomen and no memory. She seeks refuge in the nearest town but soon discovers that mysterious men are following her. With the help of the French hotelier Pierre she temporarily gets away from the pursuers. Aliena discovers that her accent is Danish and decides to go to Denmark in the search for her identity.

When she arrives in Denmark, she meets the international opera singer Just Ore, who becomes the starting point for her investigation. Slowly she learns that her past life was more complicated than she first thought.

The cover depicts this move as a ‘Bourne’ style thriller and the trailer doesn’t help dispel that misconception, but far from being an espionage thriller, ID:A is an intelligent, in the main, slow paced thriller which draws you in from the outset. Although the ‘action’ isn’t intense as it seems on the trailers – with matching Prodegy Style music – it’s incredibly engaging and you’ll find yourself rooting for this girl right up to its dramatic twist at the end.

Verdict: A hugely enjoyable thriller/drama with excellent performances from everyone. If you’re going to see one world movie this year… and all that. Watch it! *****

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