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Innovative New Project Invites Participants

27.08.11: An Innovative new project entitled Pen-pals: Things you don’t know about me is being launched on the Roseland by artist-researcher, Natalia Eernstman, a PhD student at the University College Falmouth. The invitation has been afforded both permanent residents and second homeowners/holiday makers and aims to link people together through as part of an overall project to be exhibited next year.

Natalia told Roseland Online, “This is part of a project about second homes on the Roseland. I am inviting both residents and second home owners to tell each other about their lives outside the holiday season. They might meet each other on the Roseland in summer and share a stay, but what do you know about each other’s lives during the winter months? I want to explore how people think the Roseland looks when the visitors are gone and what is their life like when they are not in their holiday homes.”

Natalia is asking both Roseland residents and holiday makers and second home owners to interact with each other and, with each individual’s permission, she wants the results to be exhibited as part of the larger project in the holiday season in 2012.

Natalia continued, “To get involved, anyone only need call or send an email with their (first) home address, and they will be linked to someone here. This winter I hope they will send whatever (letters, postcards, pictures, poems, one-liners or tweets, CDs, videos…) whenever they want to tell their pen-pal about their home and life.”

For more information or to sign up contact Natalia on 07765420345 or email roselandhome@gmail.com.

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