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It’s Official: Two Roseland Eateries are Sexy!

06.05.12:Yesterday, in The Times ‘Weekend’ section, their four-page pullout proclaimed two of the Roseland Peninsula’s eateries the ‘Sexiest Places to Eat in the UK’.

The Driftwood Hotel, already one of the top hotels in Cornwall, came right up in the top 10. The Times reported it as “This Chic Hotel, decorated in bleached beach colours has a lovely relaxed dining room with dim lighting, well-spaced tables and a Michelin-starred chef,” and put them at No. 6 in their UK top thirty.

The Hidden Hut, one of the most attractive new additions to the Roseland Peninsula’s eateries, has not only already featured heavily in ITV’s Caroline Quentin’s Cornwall this winter, but been in many magazine articles already since Jemma Glass and her partner, top Roseland Chef, Simon Stallard took over ‘The Hut’ last season.

The times said, “[In] the cove is a pretty hidden hut, but once you’ve found it, it’s the mostromantic of places. The hut is, in theory, a takeaway, but outdoor seating allows you to snuggle up and enjoy the lovely views. And though it shuts at 5pm, there’s nothing to stop you staying till sunset.”

Their ‘feast evenings’ have become a firm favourite since last year’s launch, too, but if you haven’t got a ticket, it’s too late now as they sold out the whole summer in just two hours!

On hearing the news, Jemma Glass, cheekily told Roseland Online, “It’s hardly surprising, though, now my partner, Simon, is working here!” And the team at Roseland Online would like to second her tounge-in-cheek comment.

However, luckily the Hidden Hut is open every day except Mondays so you can always pop down for lunch and enjoy some of Simon’s cooking and Jemma’s disarming smile… not to mention Maggie, Jemma’s mum’s, amazing cakes!

For more information about both restaurants follow their links here: Driftwood Restaurant – Hidden Hut, or to see the Driftwood’s chefs at work, follow this video link.

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