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Lighter Later Campaign hots up

The ‘Lighter Later’ campaign (supported by Tim Light of King Harry Ferry in his recent letter to Roseland Online) has been all over the media this week – from local radio phone-ins to Sky News, and the victories are hotting up in preparation for the private members bill at the beginning of December. The proposal is to say goodbye to moving the clocks back in autumn, therefore adding an hour of daylight to the end of our winter days, boosting trade. The Cornish tourist industry, purportedly, is to benefit greatly from this change.

The proposers of the bill are keen that many people support them by signing-up online and maybe even donate to their cause: www.lighterlater.org/donate.html

Helen Hasting, another local supporter says: “All those who hate the long dark evenings and love all that Cornwall has to offer at the end of the working day, will want to know what we can do to bid farewell to GMT.” She adds; “So many of the things I like doing – and indeed many of the reasons for moving here – are about using the daylight. I think this is true for many Roselanders. If you think about how many things happen outside at the end of the working day, this would mean having an extra hour to do them in. For the next six months there isn’t any time at all for most working people to enjoy the water, the coast path or the garden, play sport or just have fun outdoors. Also a lot of older people don’t like going out after dark.”

Roseland Online will follow this bill with interest and if you have any thoughts you’d like to share, for or against, please do write to us and we’ll add them to our letters pages for discussion.

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