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Mevagissey Locals Vote To Ban New Second Homes

Mevagissey locals who have been priced out of their village, have voted to ban second-home owners from buying new builds in a landslide victory at a referendum last week.

Following on from  a similar referendum in St Ives in 2016, residents in the tourist hotspot held a referendum to block the sale of new builds to second-home owners – with 90 per cent in favour.

The vote had a 32.74 per cent turnout, with 89.58 per cent, or 516 people, voting in favour. Just 60 people, or 10.4 per cent, voted against the plan. The average house now costs almost £300,000, which is 20 times the local salary, forcing locals to move elsewhere if they want to get on the property ladder.

Steve Double, MP for St Austell and Newquay, welcomed the referendum result.  He said: ‘Congratulations to all involved in the outcome of the Mevagissey Neighbourhood Development Plan.  The percentage voting in favour shows there is strong support for this plan in the parish and I would like to thank all involved for their hard work over the years in putting this document together.

‘Local plans are a great way for communities to have a say in the development that takes place where they live, both now and in the future.  I would encourage any parishes that are interested to speak to Cornwall Council on how to proceed.’

“What do you think about this planning change? Do you think it should be brought in in your area? Do you think it will work?”

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