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Mevagissey Parish Council Agenda – December 2014


Chairman                                                                                                                       Clerk to the Council

Mr M Roberts                                                                                                                 Mr P Howson

Rowan                                                                                                                           Trevellion

Tregoney Hill                                                                                                                 School Hill

Mevagissey                                                                                                                    Mevagissey

PL26 6RF                                                                                                                      PL26 6TH

01726 842267                                                                                                                 07570 832669                                                                          

To all members of the Parish Council

Dear Councillor,


You are summoned to attend the next meeting.

It will be held at the MAC on Thursday 18 December 2014, starting at 7pm.

Planning considerations will be on display from 6.30pm.

The formal meeting of the Council will follow after Public participation.

Yours faithfully

PJ Howson

Clerk to the Council


  1. Apologies.


2a.        Declarations of interest.


2b.        Gift Declarations.


  1. Police Community Support Officer.


  1. Points from the Public.


  1. The minutes of the meetings held on 20 November 2014 and 12 December 2014.


  1. Actions from previous meeting(s).


  1. Planning.


7a.        PA14/11088 : Refurbishment and extension. 29 The Cliff Mevagissey St. Austell PL26 6QT.


7b.        PA14/11566 : Demolition of existing chalet bungalow and erection of one and a half storey new dwelling to site.    Orchard Cottage School Hill Mevagissey Cornwall PL26 6T.


7c.        PA14/11518 : Amended design to a two storey detached dwelling house with room in the roof on land to the West of          22 Portmellon Park. Land To The West Of 22 Portmellon Park Mevagissey Cornwall PL26 6XD.


For information only:


7d.        PA14/10856 : EIA screening opinion request for proposed residential development. Land Off School Hill.


7e.        PA14/08061 : New three bedroom dwelling to replace existing disused squash court with onsite parking space for    three vehicles in adjacent car port. Tregoney Hill.                                                                WITHDRAWN


7f.         PA14/09609 : Felling of 1 Monterey Pine. 14 Portmellon Park.                                            APPROVED


7g.        PA14/10049 : Proposed single storey extension and alterations to existing dwelling. The Cottage 41 Tregoney Hill.                                                                                                                                                            APPROVED

7h.        PA14/09890 : Dropped kerb to provide vehicular access. 1A Penmeva View.                             APPROVED


7i.        PA14/07820 : Listed Building consent to remove the existing Black-jacked coated slates and re-instate with New    Slate. The Candy Shop East Wharf.                                                                                    APPROVED


7j.        PA14/09626 : Proposed agricultural machinery store. The Stables, Tregoney Hill.                     APPROVED




  1. Finances


Bills to Pay Salaries £ 646.09
HMRC £ 210.74
Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust £ 250.00
Floral tribute £ 30.99
TOTAL £ 1,137.82
Accounts Amount available to spend as of last meeting £ 24,655.78
Expenditure last month £ 2,035.84
Balance (money in bank) £ 23,264.94
Unpresented cheques (101129, 101146) £ 645.00
Available to spend £ 22,619.94
Bank Statements (01/12/2014):
Current Account £ 696.05
Deposit Account £ 22,568.89
TOTAL £ 23,264.94


  1. Devolution – update.


  1. Agree budget for next financial year (deferred from November).


  1. Neighbourhood Plan – update.


  1. Request for support from the Cornwall Blind Association.


  1. Extend yellow lines in Cliff Street – Cllr. Barron.


  1. Weed spraying – consideration of Cormac quote.


  1. Date of next meeting : 15 January 2015




NOTE: This meeting has been advertised as a public meeting and as such could be filmed or recorded by broadcasters, the media or members of the public. Please be aware that whilst every effort is taken to ensure that members of the public are not filmed, we cannot guarantee this, especially if you are speaking or taking an active role.



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