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Mevagissey Parish Council Agenda – June 2019


Chairman                                                                                                                       Clerk to the Council

Mr M Roberts                                                                                                                 Mr P Howson

Rowan                                                                                                                           Trevellion

Tregoney Hill                                                                                                                 School Hill

Mevagissey                                                                                                                    Mevagissey

PL26 6RF                                                                                                                      PL26 6TH

01726 842267                                                                                                                 07570 832669                                                                          

To all members of the Parish Council

Dear Councillor,



You are summoned to attend the next meeting.

It will be held at the Mevagissey Activity Centre on Thursday 20 June 2019 starting at 7pm.

The order of business is given below.

Yours faithfully




PJ Howson

Clerk to the Council


  1. To receive Apologies.


  1. To receive Declarations of Interest and Gifts.


  1. Public participation.


  1. To accept the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 16 May 2019.


  1. To accept the minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 16 May 2019.


  1. To receive the Clerk’s report.


  1. To receive the Ward Member’s report.


  1. To consider Planning Applications.


8a.        PA19/03796 : Change of use of ground floor from residential to restaurant. 2 Polkirt Hill Mevagissey PL26 6UR


8b.        PA19/03797 : Listed Building Consent for change of use of ground floor from residential to restaurant. 2 Polkirt Hill Mevagissey PL26 6UR


8c.        PA19/03836 : New layout for car park for four cars for flats 1, 2, 3 and 4 plus three sheds. Allocated space for bins and recycle containers. Beach House Portmellon Mevagissey Cornwall PL26 6PN


8d.        PA19/03600 : Replacement of wooden double glazed patio doors and windows with UPVC or composite new doors and windows. 2 Polkirt Heights Mevagissey PL26 6TT


8e.        PA19/04218 : New detached garage to Hunrosa House. Hunrosa House 20 Portmellon Park Mevagissey PL26 6XD


8f.         PA19/04862 : Removal of storage building to rear, construction of two storey extension with mono pitch roof and single storey flat roof extensions to the rear of the property. Christabel Beach Road Mevagissey Cornwall PL26 6TE


8g.        PA19/04138 : Listed building consent to paint the outside walls of the house with Sandtex Ivory Stone paint. 38 Cliff Street Mevagissey St Austell Cornwall PL26 6QJ


8h.        The following planning applications have been APPROVED (included for information only):


PA19/01989 : Proposed Garden Studio, Conservatory and Raised Decking and ancillary works. Trevanna, Trevarth.

PA19/02994 : Proposed demolition of existing garage to allow remodelling and extensions. 18 Lower Well Park.

PA19/03289 : Demolish steps leading to old garden and construct decking at first floor level with a door from the    landing and steps from the yard. 51 Polkirt Hill.

PA19/03277 : Certificate of Lawful Use for the use of the building as a dwelling. The Old Net Loft, West Wharf.


8i.        An Appeal against Refusal has been made for the following: PA18/11012 : Removal of condition 5 (principle home             occupancy restriction) of decision PA18/04406 dated 04.10.2018. Trevalsa Court Hotel (for information only).


8j.        To review recent planning enforcement decisions. EN19/00832 : Alleged works not being carried out in accordance             with approved plans PA18/02818. Steep House, Portmellon.


  1. To approve the monthly finances.


Bills to Pay Salaries £ 666.53
HMRC (PAYE & NIC) £ 182.58
Operate Valley Road PC June 2019 £ 978.54
Operate West Wharf PC June 2019 £ 1,039.58
Office costs (printer cartridges) £ 31.47
Mevagissey Feast Week Committee (grant) £ 500.00 (paid)
Repainting of Valley Road PC £ 653.00 (paid)
Promotional video for surgery £ 480.00 (paid)
West Wharf PC electricity 02/03/19 – 03/06/19 £ 57.71 (paid)
Data Protection Fee (2019) £ 40.00
May waste collections from West Wharf PC £ 93.66
Internal audit £ 50.00
Valley Rd PC water costs 03/05/19 – 03/06/19 £ 222.31
Valley Rd PC electricity 01/04/19 – 03/06/19 £ 39.10
TOTAL £ 5,034.48
Accounts Amount available to spend as of last meeting £ 87,074.23
Expenditure last month £ 5,315.06
plus Valley Road PC water costs 06/03/19 – 02/05/19 £ 263.35
           Mevagissey Harbour Board Trust (towards defibrillator) £ 1,250.00
Balance (money in bank) £ 80,245.82
Available to spend £ 80,245.82
Bank Statements (01/06/2019)
Current Account £ 860.63
Deposit Account £ 79,385.19
TOTAL £ 80,245.82


  1. To receive an update on the proposed Community Land Trust and issues related to affordable housing (Cllr. Gann).


  1. To review issues arising from the operation of the public conveniences (Cllr. Facey).


  1. To receive an update on the proposal to provide a defibrillator at an outside location accessible 24/7 (Cllr. Morgan).


  1. Motion to ratify the agreement to pay £480 for a promotional video aimed at General Practitioners (Cllr. Facey).


  1. To receive an update on the Save Our Surgery campaign (Cllr. Facey).


  1. Date of next meeting: 18 July 2019.



NOTE: The meeting will include an opportunity for members of the public to make representations and give evidence on any item appearing on this agenda. No member of the public may speak for longer than three minutes. The meeting has been advertised as a public meeting and as such could be filmed or recorded by broadcasters, the media or members of the public. Please be aware that whilst every effort is taken to ensure that members of the public are not filmed, we cannot guarantee this, especially if you are speaking or taking an active role.

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