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Mevagissey Parish Council Minutes – March 2017


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Mevagissey Activity Centre

On Thursday 16 March 2017 at 7pm.


Present              Cllrs. M Roberts (Chairman), J Daniel, M Facey, J Morgan, H Nathan, K Robinson, G Shephard, D Speed, J Whatty.


In Attendance      Cllr. J Mustoe (CC), Mr Andrew Gould (A&K Architectural Services), P Howson (Clerk), 3 members of the public.




  1. Apologies were received from Cllrs. N Florence, A Chesterfield, and PCSO Dingle.


  1. Cllr. Robinson declared an interest in agenda item 10a and Cllr. Daniel in agenda item 10d.


  1. Report received from PCSO Dingle for the period 13/02/17 – 15/03/17 detailing 5 reported crimes: 1 x ABH, a random attack in Church Street causing minor injuries (also recorded as a common assault); 1 x sending of offensive message by public communication network; 1 x send text/facebook message of a threatening nature; 1 x persistent silent calls causing annoyance/inconvenience/anxiety; 1 x domestic assault within the home. During the same period last year there were 3 crimes reported. PCSO Dingle also summarised recent attempts to defraud local shops by a group of ‘con artists’. They were unsuccessful, so no crime was reported. Finally, PCSO Dingle issued a plea for volunteers to assist with a cadet training exercise in the parish on 25 March.


  1. Mr Andrew Gould of A&K Architectural Services presented the revised proposals for Longpoint (item 10a).


  1. Public participation.

Mr Paul Dorman spoke regarding his planning application at Pondokie (agenda item 10b) and asked for the Council’s support. Ms Kate Littlejohns spoke regarding her planning application at Invermore (agenda item 10c) and asked for the Council’s support. Cllr. Daniel, having declared an interest in agenda item 10d, spoke from the public area to voice his objections to the proposed development.


  1. Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Robinson that the minutes of the meeting held on 16 February 2017 be accepted.                                                                         Carried.


  1. The Clerk reported that:
  • He had arranged to meet the Highways Manager on site to show her the requested additions to yellow line parking restrictions and explain the reasons;
  • Update received on ‘untidy sites’: work at Riverside flats has completed; the agent for Tall Trees is still awaiting specialist reports. Once received an application to discharge pre-commencement conditions will be made; listed building consent has been approved for the agreed works to 11 Polkirt Hill.
  • CC have issued the draft Public Space Protection (Dogs on Beaches) Order 2017, which also revokes all existing Dog Control Orders.       The new Order will come into force on 1st April, and the existing terms of the Portmellon DCO will remain unchanged.   New signage will be supplied by CC.
  • The April meeting will be the last one for this Council before the local elections, and will be preceded by the Annual Meeting of Electors (aka Annual Parish Meeting), which will start at 6.30pm on 20 April.


  1. The Ward Member reported that:
  • Cormac completed resurfacing works on Cliff Road, Cliff Street, School Hill and Vicarage Hill;
  • The agreed terms of the road closure to facilitate the demolition of 59 Polkirt Hill were completely ignored by the contractor, requiring repeat visits by CC enforcement officers and the police and creating unnecessary inconvenience for residents;
  • Ocean Housing have promised to tidy the School Hill / Kiln Close bus stop area and lay a new pavement. They have also installed a door to the community area in Wesley Court and cut back the trees;
  • The Community Action Group (CAG) renovated the stretch of land between the Valley Road bus stop and the fire station prior to handing it back to the school for ongoing maintenance. The CAG will continue this weekend in the Wesley Court area.
  • He met residents and the Highways Manager to discuss access and parking issues on the Pentillie estate, and will be carrying out a consultation there to establish proposals for change;
  • A rock fall by the steps down to West Wharf from Cliff Park is being dealt with by the Harbour Authority;
  • Renewal of the yellow lines along Tregoney Hill, Wesley Court and Cliff Street is awaiting prioritisation;
  • Traffic light controls will be in place on School Hill during the May half-term for sewer works;
  • South West Water have completed the work to resolve the flooding near Tregiskey;
  • The failed street lights previously reported have all been fixed;
  • He has arranged a beach clean, litter pick and general tidy up of Portmellon seafront and Colona Beach on Saturday 8 April between 11am and 3pm. All are welcome. Free parking will be available in the Rising Sun car park.


  1. To receive Correspondence.


  • Communication from Lloyds Bank detailing the mobile service on offer (see minute 16 below);
  • Letter from Mevagissey Live Advent Committee thanking MPC for support, reviewing the events and announcing that Live Advent will be back in December 2018;
  • Letter from iSightCornwall requesting financial support (see minute 18 below);
  • Letter from St Peter’s PCC requesting a £350 grant towards publication costs of Tower and Spire. This was budgeted for and will be paid in April.


  1. To consider Planning and Licensing Applications.


10a.      PA17/00735 : Demolish existing dwelling and garage, construct new dwelling, new garage and associated exterior   landscaping works (revised plans following site meeting). Longpoint Chapel Point Lane Portmellon Mevagissey.

Cllr. Robinson left the meeting for the duration of this item.

Proposed by Cllr. Daniel, Seconded by Cllr. Shephard that the Council supports the application.              Carried.


10b.      PA17/01137 : Replace Existing Garage With New Self Contained Annex. Pondokie School Hill Mevagissey PL26             6TH.   Proposed by Cllr.Shephard, Seconded by Cllr. Robinson that the Council would support the application with a   condition attached that appropriate screening be provided along the boundaries of neighbouring properties.             Following a 4-4 split vote, the Chairman cast his vote against the proposal.                              Not carried.


10c.      PA17/01097 : Proposed Alterations and Extension to Dwelling. Invermore School Hill Mevagissey PL26 6TQ.

Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Morgan that the Council has no objection.                           Carried.


10d.      PA17/01323 : Conversion of detached un-insulated chalet bungalow to a highly insulated 2 storey house with flat    roof. Curlews Penwarne Lane Mevagissey St Austell Cornwall PL26 6PF. Cllr. Daniel left the meeting for the       duration of this item. Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Speed that the Council objects strongly to the             application because the proposed building is overbearing and will subject neighbouring properties to overlooking and           overshadowing impacts; and the design is out of keeping with neighbouring properties and does not provide     continuity with the existing built form; and therefore does not conform with Policy 12 of the Cornwall Local Plan.


10e.      PA17/01684 : Proposed rear kitchen, utility, WC and study with first-floor bathroom and replacement double garage            with parking. Glenbrook 9 Cliff Street Mevagissey PL26 6QW.

Proposed by Cllr. Morgan, Seconded by Cllr. Robinson that the Council supports the application.                        Carried.


10f.       PA17/01545 : Re-roof existing shed to remove corrugated perspex and replace with fibre-glass and additional           parking to site along existing driveway. Penfose Tregoney Hill Mevagissey PL26 6RF.

Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Whatty that the Council supports the application.                 Carried.


10g.      PA17/00356/PREAPP : Pre-application advice for rear extension to create 3 self contained flats plus detached double            garage. Pentillie House School Hill Mevagissey Cornwall PL26 6TQ.   Note: this is not a consultation.

Agreed that the Clerk should refer the planning case officer to the ‘character and appearance’ section of the recent       appeal decision notice for this property.


10h.      PA17/00480/PREAPP : Pre-application advice for conversion/extension of garage/store into 1 bedroom dwelling.   Land North Of 19 Tregoney Hill Mevagissey Cornwall PL26 6RD.       Note: this is not a consultation.      Noted.


10i.       The following planning applications have been Approved (included for information only):


PA16/11768 : Variation of C2 in relation to decision notice PA13/10126: Amended plans. The Cliff, Polkirt Hill.

PA17/00108 : Upgrade. Communications Station Ntl 13126 Higher Well Park.

PA17/00349 : Part removal of existing boundary wall and creation of driveway. Valley Side, Valley Road.

PA17/00660 : Listed Building Consent for various works to property. 25 Tregoney Hill.

PA17/00619 : 2 x Non-material amendments. Land North Of Moonfleet, School Hill.

PA16/11229 : Demolition and replacement of existing dwelling and garage. Tamarisk, Penwarne Lane.


  1. To approve the monthly finances.


Bills to Pay Salaries £ 647.17
HMRC (Income Tax & NIC) £ 207.87
Mevagissey Feast Week Committee (grant) £ 500.00
Valley Rd. PC cleaning February 2017 £ 912.61
Valley Rd. PC water charge February 2017 £ 84.10
Wallgate keys for public toilets £ 61.50
TOTAL £ 2,413.25
Accounts Amount available to spend as of last meeting £ 47,144.38
Expenditure last month £ 2,869.89
Unpresented cheques £ 912.62
Balance (money in bank) £ 45,187.11
Available to spend £ 44,274.49
Bank Statements (01/03/2017):
Current Account £ 1,456.09
Deposit Account £ 43,731.02
TOTAL £ 45,187.11


Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Whatty that the accounts be accepted and the bills paid.         Carried.


  1. Cllr. Shephard reported that the new version of the Neighbourhood Development Plan would be reviewed by the steering group at their meeting later this month.


  1. Cllr. Facey reported that operational details of the new service management contract for the Valley Road public toilets had been agreed with GCF. The new contractor would be installing a power socket and will be asked to submit quotes for upgrading the urinals and creating a drainage gully to alleviate flooding outside the building.


  1. Cllr. Facey reported that the new personal rescue equipment and associated signage had been installed either side of the cove at Portmellon. The Council noted their appreciation of the landowners who had provided consent.


  1. The Council considered the responses received from Ocean Housing and Cornwall Council regarding maintenance of the Wesley Court area, and asked the Clerk to follow these up. Cllr. Nathan reported that some of the residents there had been happy to help with the tidying up of the area, and improvements such as planters were now being considered.


  1. Cllr. Roberts reported that he had spoken by telephone to the Public Affairs Manager of Lloyds Banking Group regarding the limitations of their new mobile service following the closure of the local branch, and he had agreed to meet representatives from the Parish Council and local businesses to discuss improvements.


  1. Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Morgan that the new model procedure for handling complaints be adopted by the Council.                                                                                     Carried.


  1. Proposed by Cllr. Facey, Seconded by Cllr. Robinson that a grant of £100 be made to Truro-based charity iSightCornwall.                                                             Carried.


  1. The meeting ended at 9.05pm. Date of next meeting: 20 April 2017.





Signed ……………………………………………………………………………..         Dated ………………………………

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