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Mevagissey Parish Council (Planning) Meeting – 21 May 2021 – Agenda


To all members of the Parish Council

Dear Councillor,


You are summoned to attend the next planning meeting.

It will be held at the Jubilee Hall on Friday 21 May 2021 starting at 7pm.

The order of business is given below.

Yours faithfully

PJ Howson

Clerk to the Council


  1. To receive Apologies.
  1. To receive Declarations of Interest and Gifts.
  1. Public participation.
  1. Planning applications.

4a.          PA21/03095 : Build new raised decking and steps with glass baluster to the rear of the house.  Polvellan School Hill                 Mevagissey PL26 6TG

4b.          PA21/03049 : Proposed one bedroom dwelling.  Land East Of 47 And 49 Cliff Street Cliff Street Mevagissey                 Cornwall PL26 6QJ

4c.           PA21/03614 : Conversion of integral garage/workshop into Granny Flat/Holiday Let. Retrospective.  Palermo School  Hill Mevagissey PL26 6TQ

4d.          PA21/03827 : Subdivision of existing site and the construction of a highly sustainable 2 bedroom dwelling with variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of PA18/10377 dated 19/03/2019 – to modify the development to increase storage space.  Land South Of Nikaria Cliff Street Mevagissey PL26 6QW

4e.           PA21/03531 : Listed Building consent for the retention of two previously replaced windows in the rear elevation and the installation of staircase and associated re-ordering.  62 Church Street Mevagissey PL26 6SR

4f.           PA21/03620 : Proposal Listed Building Consent to install a timber stud partition wall to split the single commercial unit into two individual commercial units, with associated works.  5 East Wharf Mevagissey PL26 6QH

4g.           PA21/03309 : Change of use of the property from Class C1 (Guest house) to Class C3(a) (private residence).     Buckingham House 17 Tregoney Hill Mevagissey PL26 6RD

4h.          PA21/02198 : Demolition of hotel and redevelopment of site with five apartments.  Mevagissey Bay Hotel Polkirt Hill Mevagissey PL26 6UX (deferred from April).

4i.            PA21/02118 : Submission of details to discharge condition no. 3 in respect of Decision PA16/11768 dated 13.02.2017.  The Cliff Polkirt Hill Mevagissey PL26 6UX (deferred from April).

  1. Licensing applications

5a.          LI21_001596 : On- and off-sales.  Beneath the Waves Boat, Mevagissey Harbour, Mevagissey, PL26 6QQ

  1. To receive an update on planning enforcement cases.
  1. Planning decisions (for information):

PA20/11422 : Certificate of lawfulness for the continued existing use for the subdivision of Gwel-An-Nans into two residential properties (Gwel-An-Nans and Fennville).  Fennville, Valley Park Lane.                           GRANTED

PA20/11328 : Proposed dwelling with variation of condition 2 in relation to application PA13/06204.  The Retreat,  Vicarage Hill.                                                                                                                                                    APPROVED

  1. Other planning matters.

8a.          PA20/04346 : Demolition of structurally unsafe dwelling and construction of new dwelling on same footprint.

15 Polkirt Hill Mevagissey PL26 6UR               APPEAL AGAINST REFUSAL LODGED

8b.          PA21/03162 : Proposed dwelling (resubmission of approved scheme PA18/02818 for variation of design for the second dwelling including reinstatement of access).  Two If By Sea Portmellon Road Mevagissey St Austell                     OBJECTION SUBMITTED

  1. Date of next planning meeting: 18 June 2021 (to be held at the Jubilee Hall unless advised otherwise).

NOTE: The meeting will include an opportunity for members of the public to make representations and give evidence on any item appearing on this agenda.  No member of the public may speak for longer than three minutes.  The meeting has been advertised as a public meeting and as such could be recorded by broadcasters, the media or members of the public. 

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