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MidLifeKayak – Goodbye Kernow

08.05.12:The MidLifeKayak boys have just come to the end of their first week at sea and have left the coast of Cornwall to enter Devon.

With little Wi-Fi available in harbours and on beaches, they’ve had problems getting news back, but we’ve attached a map of their progress to date and here’s a rundown from the boys themselves:

Day 1 we paddled 18 miles in some very lumpy water (after the stormy weather we had had) across Carrick Roads and on passed the Manacles and round Bass Point. We stopped at Sennan Cove and camped in the beach. We reflected on the adventure we have embarked upon in front of a camp fire.

Day 2 26 miles Round Lizard and across Mounts Bay to Mousehole. After a few beers and some food (in that order!) we spent the night on the harbour wall.

Day 3 12 miles round Lands End in almost dead calm conditions. We stopped for a stretch and to take some photos at Porthcurno and the Minac Theatre. A fisherman shouted that we’d be alright as we had the tide “right up yer arses”. Deliberately a short day to help our bodies get into the day to day paddle routine. We stopped at Sennan and had a fantastic camping spot in the lifeguards hut.

Day 4 26 miles to Portreath. Good day to start with but we got the timing of the tides slightly wrong and ended the day with a tough paddle against the stream and bounced around on the races as we pulled into Portreath. Caroline arrived late that night to see Mike. We all were acutely aware we hadn’t had a shower for 4 days now and did warn Caroline before she hugged us all.

Day 5 Joined today by a paddling friend Joe Shelverton. It was so good of him to give up a day of his bank holiday to come and see us. He joined us for a couple of hours as we headed out. Slow progress that day and as we headed around towards Perranporth the wind whipped up to a strong force 5 gusting 6 and we were struggling to make 2Kn We called it a day. No sense in battling the elements for small miles – rather wait for better weather and push. Another night on the beach.

Day 6. Cracking paddle today. 28 miles to Port Graverne. We got a great push from both wind and tide, averaging just over 4 Kn compared to 2 Kn the day before.

They hope to be in Wales by mid week (weather depending)and although missing their partners and friends, they’re enjoying themselves and their spirits are high despite some nerves and apprehension.

In closing they said, “Thanks for all your support. Great to see so many messages from everyone. The team really appreciate them! And for friends taking part in The Royal Standard sweapstake – the team took their first shower on Day 6!”

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