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Mirror Morror

Starring Julia Roberts, Lily Collins and Sean Bean, directed by Tarsem Singh

The evil queen’s step-daughter, who has been in virtual chains since the death of her father, escapes the castle to discover the degridation the woman has left their land. With the help of seven dwarfs and the prince, she takes her revenge in an attempt to restore all that is good in the land.

OK, so I started being a tad bored; a kid’s film, afterall, but slowly it became more and more intersting as they played with the genre well. Eventually I was glued and enjoyed the irony the director added to this lavish $100m extravaganza. Julian Roberts was great as the evil queen, as was Lily Collins – Phil Collins’ daughter.

Verdict: One for everyone. Good laughs and an excellently fresh take on Snow White. (Love the end credits Bollywood dance routine!) ****

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