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Missing Cat – Help Wanted

tom the catTom is a 2 year old neutered male.  He is microchipped and wears no collar.

He is black and white, with 4 white paws and a long black tail,  he has a sleek build.

On the tip of his nose is a distinct black dot probably left by the drum of oil he was rescued from as a kitten…..see more info at

Tom is a very much loved little chap and doesn’t normally wander far from home.  He was last seen on his way out for the night on Sunday 7th Sept from his home in Trewartha which lies between Portloe and Veryan.

It is possible he has wandered too far from home and doesn’t know how to get back so any help would be gratefully received.

He has had his fair share of misfortune in his short life and we would love to know he is safe.

He is timid with strangers which may make catching him difficult, but he is a gentle affectionate pet.

Please contact Debbie on 01872 501577




  • Hope he is found safe and sound – do let us know when he is home safely !

    • Hi Mary,
      Great news. Tom returned home this morning (Thurs) totally unharmed wondering what all the fuss was about ! If only he could talk. This will be a good story for his blog.

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