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M&S: First National Advertiser on Roseland Online

National quality department store chain, Marks & Spence, became Roseland Online‘s first national advertiser last month. Excited by the potential of our reach, Roseland Online editor, Mark David Hatwood, was contacted by their Canadian marketing wing to ask about advertising on Roseland Online’s much used Wedding Planner.

Mark David Hatwood said, “I was delighted by M&S’s Canadian marketing department’s enquiry about advertising with us. This not only shows we’ve become a website worth working with, utillising our huge regional impact, but that our Wedding Planner – which has nearly 60 pages of content for free download – has become a noticable and worthwhile enough resource for a national chain of their stature to want to be associated with.”

M&S have started a range of wedding cakes and after discovering Roseland Online‘s in-depth wedding planner on web searches, they felt this much used community resource was a perfect advertising partner to launch this new range.

Mark added, “It’s been such a busy month with the new build I hardly noticed that on one day alone we recieved nearly 30,000 hits! Luckily though, it seems this didn’t go without notice in the corridors of power at M&S. We’re delighted to have them on board and look forward to seeing more nationals use us, so we can feed back the profits into the community; as is our remit.”

Roseland Online‘s Wedding Planner is there to not only promote local businesses, but to be a free information database for companies to use and give to their clients. You can access your up-to-date copy anytime on our Wedding Planner pages.

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