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Muhammad – A Very Short Introduction by Jonathan A C Brown

One of over 200 titles on everything from Advertising to the United Nations via Dinosaurs and Scotland.

Covering Muhammad’s life, the history of Islam and its role in the modern world, this little book, as with others in the series, aims to present the subject matter from different perspectives and in an objective and straightforward manner. Thus it covers the recent Danish cartoon controversy as well as arguments surrounding historical reliability and the debates around Shariah law.

I accept that many readers will think this book is of limited appeal but, for anyone having an interest in or curiosity about religion or the history of religion, I rate this book very highly. Professor Brown manages to make a complex subject both interesting and readable and a difficult and emotive subject more understandable, all without being partisan.

Verdict: If others in the series are as good as this one I’d recommend them all! Superb” *****

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