Local News 2011

New Charity Shop Appeal For Used Items

03.01.11: A Roseland resident who will manage a new outlet of charity household item shops in Falmouth for the British Heart Foundation, has contacted Roseland Online to appeal to Roseland residents for working, but no longer needed household items they can recycle through the outlet. The new store will open at the end of Falmouth pier in the premises that was Burger King and will specialise in used furniture, dining tables, bedroom furniture, beds TVs, DVDs, Washing Machines and fridges, etc. as well as smaller bric-a-brac.

If you have any items you are willing to donate to this worthy cause, they will collect from you for free by ringing 0844 248 9181, or you can simply book a collection online by clicking on this link: www.bhf.org.uk/collection. The van drivers will decide what is suitable to collect and they ask that anyone donating isn’t disappointed if they are unable to accept any particular item.

Heart disease is the single biggest killer in the UK and this new store will hopefully be a good source of income for them in the coming months.

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