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New Light on Lugger, Portscatho to be Replaced

Gerrans Parish Council wish to inform residents that the new light that has just installed on the Lugger has been installed in error. The council has informed the contractor that they have installed the wrong type of light, which is quite out of keeping with the others, and it will be replaced in the near future.


  • It would be great to see the hideous old fashioned sodium lights that turn the sky orange replaced with something less light polluting however the lights on the lugger are a special case I guess and a more decorative one would be better. Don’t suppose there are any that do both?

  • Would you prefer that people park in New Road and cause a road accident, Judy (which is what almost happened before they put them in)?

    And also why is replacing a dodgy light with a new one (albeit wrong at present) laughable? Would you prefer all lights to be removed? Don’t get your thinking here at all????

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