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New Tranche of Ultrafast Broadband for the Roseland Complete

Roseland Online is delighted to announce that the second tranche of Superfast Broadband for the Roseland is now complete. There is only one section that cannot be completed until December 2019 because of land access issues due to crops and this is show on the map below.

All others who have been promised an uplift on this tranche of the rollout can now order it via their providers (please be aware not all providers will be able to offer an FTTP (fibre to the premises) option so you may have to move providers).

Having worked closely with BT to make sure the rollout is swift and as widespread as possible, Martin Edwards and Mark David Hatwood (Editor of Roseland Online) are delighted that so many extra properties (nearly 50% more than initially planned) were able to be connected.

You can check your own property on the Superfast Cornwall website here: www.superfastcornwall.org/getting-connected/

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