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No Strings Attached

Directed by Ivan Reitman an starring Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Kline

Emma (Portman) is a busy doctor who sets up a seemingly perfect arrangement when she offers her best friend Adam (Kutcher) a relationship with one rule: No Strings Attached. But when a fling becomes a thing, can sex friends stay best friends?

Unlike How Do You Know (Below), which I decided to ignore the reviews from punters and buy, much to my delight, this one was given four out of five stars by the public. My only question is… why? It was staid, badly structured (and yes, even Hollywood – or especially Hollywood – makes mistakes sometimes). This had all the trappings of a good old RomCom (Romantic Comedy) but ended up being overly complicated and fairly unfunny (with the exception of Adam’s direct boss, played by brilliantly by Lake Bell) film. And after her Oscar nominated ‘Black Swan’, I can only suggests Natilie Portman sacks her agent.

Verdict: Ploddy, overlylong and emotionless. **

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