Oarsome Foursome

Oarsome Foursome – Almost there!

Here we go! Atlantic Campaigns has posted an expected ETA slot for the Oarsome Foursome of 04:00 to 06:00 GMT TOMORROW on their Facebook page (follow this page if you don’t already!). They may update this ETA through the night so you might want to set your alarm clocks to check!

How do I watch the finish?
Visit Atlantic Campaigns’ Facebook page. They will live stream video of the girls and Liberty crossing the finish line and then, shortly after, stepping on to dry land for the first time in SEVEN WEEKS and seeing friends and family again! You might get a pop up from Facebook saying that Atlantic Campaigns has a live video. Or Click on the Live Video section on the left hand side of their page.

I will try to share the live video feeds on Oarsome Foursome’s own Facebook page too.

Missed it?
Atlantic Campaigns’ videos will also be available on their Videos section of their Facebook page after the live streaming has finished.

Get those hankies ready!

Fundraising update
Thank you to everyone who has donated on our crowdfunding page to our three charities. Your donations are much appreciated. If you have any loose change hanging around down the back of your sofa, how about putting it in our collection bucket?

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