Oarsome Foursome

Oarsome Foursome Are Go!

Hello everyone!

A quick update coming your way! The 2019 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge starts at 10.30am GMT today and Bird, Mo, Claire and Liberty’s start time is 12.10pm GMT. Atlantic Campaigns, who are organising the race, will be streaming live video coverage of the start on their Facebook page from 10.00am GMT. You can always watch the video later if you can’t watch it live.

Keep an eye also on our Facebook page for updates from our land crew. The race is live on the YB Races app. This updates positions every four hours at 8am, 12pm, 4pm etc so don’t be concerned if it looks like the boats aren’t moving.

Details of how to follow everything are below, just in case you didn’t see them before. Keep cheering the girls on in anyway you can. Every single message, thought and donation will keep them pushing on.

Our next email update should be in a week’s time. Thanks again for all your support.

1. YB Races Tracking App is LIVE!

Search for the YB Races app in your favourite App store or click here to install it for Android or here to install it for Apple. You’ll then be able to track the Oarsome Foursome on board Liberty all the way across the Atlantic. You will have to search for the race (Talisker Atlantic Challenge 2019) to add it to your races and the app is now showing all the teams.

2. Follow us on social media!

The rowers will be able to text us land-based team members regularly and we’ll be posting updates from them on our social media accounts as they come in.

Atlantic Campaigns (follow their Facebook page here), who organise the race, will be keeping us informed too and we’ll post those updates on our social media channels. There might also be some other entertaining rowing-related nonsense happening when news is quiet.

3. On Roseland Online

Watch out for updates here as they happen!

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