On The Water On The Water - 2014

On The Water – March 2014 – Bob Warren

onthewater1Well, it’s the penultimate day of winter and I have just enjoyed a paddle up the Percuil. It is a real treat to be able to get afloat after work as the evenings are starting to draw out. This picture is of the upper reaches of the creek looking up towards Trethem.

As I mentioned last month, I am building some fitness and mileage ready for a trip to Scillies this summer. The mild winter has meant that it has been a pleasure paddling through the winter and now, with a bit of warmth back in the sun, I feel spring is just around the corner. Let’s hope it doesn’t snow tonight and prove me wrong!

 The temperature hasn’t been a problem, but I have had some discomfort from sitting for a long period of time. A  trip to a local sports injury specialist (Amicus therapy) has started to sort the problem, and this is helped by regular stretching exercises.  This is a good reminder to me about just how important a good warm up is before working hard.

stretchA good stretch or warm down after the exercise is also important for long term fitness and injury-free sport. Ian Stringer runs a successful gym in Truro and always ensures these techniques  when he is running circuit training for the Gig clubs.

The mild windy weather has continued to provide excellent windsurfing conditions and it was really nice to be joined on the water this half term by a few more sailors, T15 coach, Marianne, and ex T15 squad member, Josh. I was reminded about how sails have developed over the last few years when I tried one of my older sails, which just aren’t so comfortable to sail with as the new models.

It is a good time to be buying windsurfing gear at the moment, if you are looking for some bargains. The new 2014 season equipment is now starting to hit the shops and websites, which means there can be some bargains around on the 2013 models. If you are looking for some gear, feel free to give me a call. We have second hand or can get new Tushingham/Starboard equipment.

RYA Suzuki Dinghy ShowTalking of new gear, the best show for dinghies is on this weekend in London: the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show. It is a long trip, but worthwhile for keen dinghy sailors. There are excellent talks and demonstrations, but the highlight for me is always talking to the enthusiasts on the class association stands. They are so enthusiastic and passionate about the boats they sail and aren’t trying to make a pound by selling you one. They just want you to join them and try one too!

This season we have arranged a deal with RS dinghies to supply second-hand or new RS dinghies direct from the manufacturer. We will hold some boats in stock, usually the smaller RS Quba and Feva dinghies. We do have a couple of other RS dinghies you can try if you are interested and I’m always happy to help out with parts or technical advice.

 roselandgigclubThe Gig club are starting to ramp up the work at the moment with the Scillies only nine weeks away. The boats start to be ferried out in a month, so paint is flying, along with the sweat in the gym, situated above the boats. The crew selections are being finalised and some of the crews have just started training in mid-week as well as the weekends.

Anyway, sorry to Mark… late again with this article. Too busy playing on the water! Still hoping to see a few more of you out there.

Cheers Bob


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