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Pendower and Kiberick – Cars Vandalised

Cars have been vandalised in the car parks at two Roseland beauty spots.

Yesterday late afternoon 2 cars at Kiberick Cove had their back windows vandalised and boot ransacked.  Fortunately there was nothing worth taking on this occasion. We have also heard via social media that earlier that afternoon there was a break-in into a car at Pendower and a baby seat was taken.  An attempt was also made on a Land Rover at Pendower, but again nothing was removed.   This follows an incident a week ago in Philleigh when a car’s back window was vandalised.

The Police have been informed but so far no witnesses have come forward.

Please ensure that no valuables are left in cars and please report any suspicious activity to the Police.



  • A reader writes: I cannot believe the audacity of the culprit (s). Let’s all be vigilant and observant as a community and perhaps this will somehow break the cycle of vehicle damage and theft. Let’s ask for a bigger police presence in car parks.Let’s ensure that we notice which cars are parked next to us. Let’s carry cameras. Let’s look out for unusual driving and parking of vehicles. It’s such a pity that we cannot trust everyone any more and the incidents will make both residents, tourists and visitors cautious and fearful of consequences if it continues. Let’s have more ideas on how to combat this scourge.

    • Here here Peter , I’m sure that me and V saw a maroon car drive down towards the Pink Hotel, plenty of parking spaces , he then drove back up the road making no attempt to park . White male . What infuriates me is that although some were attempted thefts ,property was still damaged even though there was nothing stolen from some of the vehicles , causing massive inconvenience and no doubt increasing vehicle insurance. The second most expensive purchase someone will ever make in their lifetime other that a house is usually a vehicle , the Police will not investigate and it has terrible impacts on people’s lives . I would reiterate please be vigilant, trust your gut , if something doesn’t seem right then it probably isn’t ! Yes use your phone cameras . Any thefts , criminal damage , please report to the Police as if they don’t know about it it won’t be recorded and we won’t get any extra Police resources.

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