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Pendower Beach Hotel Development – Post Consultation Update

Roseland Online was one of the first people to visit the consultation on the Pendower Beach Hotel project as we wanted to get as many details as possible for our readers. We also arrived back at 6.45 on Thursday evening just before they closed up (it had to finish a little early as another event started at 7.00pm and they wanted to send their apologies to anyone who missed out because of this). So, how did they feel it went?

“We felt the two-day public consultation process was an incredibly valuable experience and a crucial process to go through in terms of gathering feedback in order to shape the development proposals,” director of Natural Retreats, Ewan Kearney told Roseland Online. “Both days were very well attended and it is very clear how passionately people care about Pendower Beach and although we received a lot of positive comments about the proposals, there were also a lot of major concerns about a number of key issues including the scale of the proposed design, the number of units, the height of the hillside units up the valley and central building, access for construction vehicles and guests, parking and the sewage treatment proposals.”

So what is the next step? “Our design team will now look to incorporate as much of this feedback into the designs/layout which will result in a significant reduction in scale in order to minimise the visual impact and access/parking issues,” he added and owner Johnny Goldsmith confirmed their keenness to take into account all the constructive feedback that had been given.

For those who missed the consultation, Roseland Online has attached the layout plan and one of the impressions that the designers presented. If you click on the images here, you can download a larger copy for your interest. “It is key to state that these were very much provisional designs and put forward to gather as much feedback and comments from local residents and locals that use Pendower Beach,” Johnny said.

Suffice to say Roseland Online will keep you updated with any new developments with this project, but in the mean time, the designers and owner are very keen to hear your views on this development. If you have something to add, or would like to make a comment (either in name or anonymously), please write to us and we’ll make sure your comments receive a viewing. Both Ewan and Johnny welcome your input and we will put all the letters we receive on our Letters page, so let’s get your views out in the open and heard!

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