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Pendower Beach House Hotel – Public Meeting

Julian German, Cornwall Councillor for the Roseland, wants you to know that there will be a public meeting to discuss proposals for the Pendower Beach House Hotel,  7.15pm on Monday 29th January at Gerrans Parish Memorial Hall.

This forum will give the developer an opportunity to present their proposals. There is currently no formal planning application. This public engagement will allow the developer to hear of any issues or concerns that people have, so these can be taken into account as they evolve their ideas to bring forward a formal planning application in due course.

The purpose of the forum is to hear the views of residents once the proposal has been presented. It will be attended by the Cornwall Councillors who are the Chair and Vice-Chair of the central area Planning Committee and Councillors Jackie Bull and Fred Greenslade. Local Parish Councillors will also be in attendance. Notes of the meeting will be taken to capture residents views. 

There is no need to register to speak but I expect there will be a great deal of interest. It is usual that residents have 3 minutes to speak. The forum in no way replaces a residents ability to make representations if a formal planning application is actually submitted. The purpose of the forum is to raise issues that individuals consider need to be addressed by the developer prior to submitting a planning application.

You can find more information about the proposals on the Cornwall Council website by putting the planning reference PA17/01864/PREAPP into the planning portal or by following this link:

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