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Philleigh Shout Seeks New Members

You may have thought it’s been very quiet, but that’s about to change. Philleigh Shout is back in full voice! However, we could do with a few more members, so if any ‘old boys’ would like to join us contact Doug Robins, (as below) for details of what’s coming up. We have always made the point that we are not a formal choir with regular rehearsals and so on. We just get together as and when we are invited (usually in a pub), and enjoy the singing.

If anyone would like to invite us to sing please contact Doug Robins, (email preferred). or at Veryan Vicarage, TR2 5QA or on 01872 501618


  • Dear Sir……I was a member of the Mevagissey choir but unfortunately can not find the time due to work commitments to continue hence my contact with you as this sounds as though it may just tick the box.

  • Dear Sir…….I sang with Mevagissey male voice choir for 25 years and would love to do a little more but on a if and when basis, just like you describe your ‘shout’ group to be.
    please advise, how to go about this and perhaps some dates of up and coming meets.

    look forward to hearing from you.

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