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Phone Scam Alert

phone0scamA Roseland Online reader has made us aware of a phone scam that may be being perpetrated locally at present.

The reader has received two calls both from a compNy claiming to be ‘Computers Advisory Maintenance’ and apparently they phone up to tell you there are problems with your computer which, to solve, you just need to install some software, They ten ask for your credit card details to buy this software.

Please let others know of this scam as soon as you can, especially those who are more vulnerable.

To be clear: no one from Microsoft or any other software company will phone you saying they know you have an issue with your computer – even if you do. They would never have the manpower to do so. So of you receive an unsolicited call about a problem you haven’t asked for support on, a phone call is almost sure to be a scam and someone trying to sell you something you probably don’t need, at the very least.

Last of all, NEVER give your credit card details over the phone to anyone who calls you – especially your debit card details. Credit card fraud tends to be easier to reclaim a fraudulent debit and the card company will take up the legal action. Debit cards have almost no protection at all, so you will almost certainly lose your money if you give these details away.

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  • I seem to have similar calls every other day at the moment. I tell them I have no computer or have on-line security in place and they soon put the phone down!

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