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Photographic In-Sights – May 2014 – Barney Nicholls

Portrait of a community

Photographic In-Sights - May 2014-1I am doing a photography project this year and was hoping that you would all be able to help me with it over the next few months. What I want to create is a snapshot of as many people as I can who live, visit or work here during 2014.

I’ve spent many hours looking at old pictures of Portscatho and the Roseland and hugely enjoy the changes you see in the ways of life in these images.  In these pictures you very often have seen some amazing characters but only very rarely though do you get to know who these people are and what relationship they have with the area.

So what I’d like to do is take a portrait of as many people as I can and link this to a name and any details you’d like to provide.  I intend to take these all in black and white and under similar lighting conditions so that they are all consistent and have the same look and feel. I did a test shoot a while back in the Plume of Feather’s with some willing volunteers and these are similar to what I aim to produce.

I hope then to either create a large poster with everyone’s picture on it or a book that can be viewed by the public in somewhere like the Heritage centre. I will probably also be putting all the pictures online where you will be able to view them, however you will be able to opt out of this should you wish.

Photographic In-Sights - May 2014-2I feel that this would be a great chance to capture a moment in time of our community and pass it on to the future so people we don’t know yet may be able look at the pictures of us here in 2014 and get a chance to learn a little about us.

So if you’d like to help in this project please come to the Memorial Hall in Portscatho on Bank Holiday Monday 5th May to have your picture taken from 10am till 2pm. Please dress however you’d like,though it would be great to see people in their work clothes as well.

I’ll be asking you to fill in a form with as much or as little information as you like so I’m able to put names and details against the pictures. I will not be charging anyone to have their picture taken however you may be able to purchase copies at a later date should you wish to do so.

So in brief:

Monday 5th May

Memorial Hall


10am – 2pm


  • Sorry I couldn’t make it on 5th Barney but would like to join the merry band if you do another photographic session – Thanks – Denise

  • What a wonderful project to do – and one that will be a greatly appreciated record of local residents in years to come I am sure.

    Looking forward to seeing it when it is completed !

    Thank you Barney !

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